Khirai: [Khirai], A Natural Florist’s Paradise


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About: Khirai

Khirai is a village located in North West Bengal, India. The village is located at the base of the hill called the Khirai pass. It has a beautiful view of the beautiful valleys of the region. Many tourists come to Khirai to enjoy the natural beauty of the place. Flowers are very common in Khirai and most of the flower shops are present in the region.

The flower shops in Khirai

The flower shops in Khirai have got abundant of flowers. The major flower markets are located at Khirai station and at the Banaras Hindu University. The flower shops have all the necessary things required for flower cultivation in Khirai. The flower garden at Khirai is open all the year round. Most of the flowers grown here can be seen at the occasions like weddings, birthdays, New Year’s Eve, Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Khirai – Valley of Flowers in West Bengal

The flower shops in Khirai have got varieties of flowers and plants. The flower shops sell rose, jasmine, lily and so on. All the flowers are found at affordable prices. Flowers from Khirai are also available at the nearby railway station, bus stand and at other places too. The flower shops offer delivery services to the customers.

In the recent years, Khirai has become very famous among the local people. They take fresh flowers from the flower shops and sell them to the general public at a price. The flower shops offer delivery services to the customers. Many of the people visit Khirai to buy the flowers as they know that the place is blessed with a lot of flowers. Since the flower markets are situated in the open air, there is no fear of pollution.

Khirai is also famous for its handicrafts too

Khirai is also famous for its handicrafts. The handicrafts are made by the villagers of the place. These handicrafts make the local people self-sufficient. The kids of the place bring their own pieces of glass and wooden art to sell to the tourists. Most of the people buy the fresh flowers from the flower shops and buy handicrafts from the handicrafts of Khirai.

Khirai also has an airport, which is run by a Chinese national. The airport serves all the passengers with both domestic and international flights. The flower shops sell fresh flowers to the tourists. One can also visit the wildlife reserve named after Himachal Pradesh.

The flower markets in Khirai are located in the open air market place. In this place, you can see a variety of flowers. The market is also decorated with traditional handicrafts and paintings. You can bargain with the sellers over the flowers and save your money.

You can also find the traders taking flowers back to their home from where they got them. Some of the fresh flowers from the flower shops are even sold at local markets. The flowers are available in different varieties like pink, red, white, lilac, yellow and many more. So, if you want to gift someone then the best way is to give him/her a bouquet of fresh flowers or a bouquet of Khirai. Flowers have a wonderful fragrance and are one of the gifts that will surely delight the recipient.

The flower shops in Khirai has different fresh flowers for different occasions. Some flowers are available for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Christening and other religious occasions. If you want to buy some flowers for a family function then you can go to the market place and buy the flowers there. However, if you want to surprise your friends then you can take the fresh flowers to your place and drop them at their door steps or in your room. Once your friends see these flowers they will surely be delighted.

To check the availability of flowers in Khirai, you can go to the place where the flower shops are situated. You should know the locations of all the flower shops to make your trip’s convenient and easy. There are many fruit juice stalls as well. Fruit juices are very popular in Khirai. Many tourists prefer to buy fresh fruit juice than buying from the local market. Fruit juices are sold in the stalls along with the fresh flowers.

Silk flowers

Khirai also has markets that sell silk flowers. You can buy silk flowers and other beautiful decorative material from these flower shops. You can also purchase artificial flowers from the flower shops in Khirai. Silk flower arrangements look very attractive and give a nice ambience to the surroundings.



How can I go to Khirai from Kolkata?

Many tourists who have visited India often ponder on such questions as – How can I go to Khirai in India? The town is one of the major cities in West Bengal, India and is situated at the confluence of three rivers. When the British ruled India, they chose this area because of its strategic location that would allow easy access to the mines that were rich in gold. The three rivers – Beas, Teesta and Rangit – merge into a single stream, known as River Bea, that flows through Khirai. However, today, the three rivers do not flow into the same place, but merge into a smaller stream called Rangit, that flows in the opposite direction of Bea.

How do you reach Khirai by road?

It is hard to reach Khirai from my home. I live in a little town and it is only a few kilometers away by car from my house. If you are a resident of a big city, you may find it easier to reach Khirai since there are many hotels around the town that will be more than happy to rent you a car for the day. Otherwise, you will need to take a train from Chinguetti, the capital of Karnataka.


The best part about travelling from Chinguetti is that the journey takes only three days and you can end your stay at Mappila, the capital of Karnataka. From there, it is just a hop, skip and jump away to reach Khirai. The other options are more difficult because they will take a much longer time. However, if you choose to do this route, ensure that you have plenty of spare time before reaching your intended destination, or else things will get very complicated.

To reach Khirai by road, you can use a number of different means, including taxis, bikes, buses, cabs and even horse-riding. If you are lucky enough to come across one of these services, they are usually quite reliable. Unfortunately, most people in India tend to be more accustomed to using the railways and buses. It is unfortunate, but there is nothing we can do and that is why travelling by road is often better.

Closing Notes

The flower shops have all the fresh flowers that are required for the various occasions. There is no problem in finding a fresh flower. These flower shops have all types of flowers including the rare ones. So, it is easy to find the right type of flower arrangement.

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