Top Data Science Courses: Know Details For Everyone


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Overview: Top Data Science Courses

Data science has become one of the most sought-after fields of work in the past decade, so much so that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted employment in this occupation to grow by 27.9% by 2026 as compared to 2016. This is because of the gradual shift of all businesses and organizations to an online platform for the storage and analysis of all data. We are going to discuss about “Top Data Science Courses” in this article.

Data science has become the backbone of many organizations globally. With this, there has been a consequent boom in the demand for big data scientists and analysts. If you have an interest in this field, there is a wide range of data science courses online for you to explore and pursue. These can be free or paid, but provide the same depth of the subject matter.

Take a look at the following top-notch data science certification courses that anybody with a keen interest in mathematics, data analytics, and statistics can start today:

Data Science Specialization: #1 Top Data Science Courses

Data Science Specialization offered at Koenig Solutions is an elaborate course on various statistical and analytical topics such as:

  • Machine learning
  • R programming and its application to real-world problems
  • Cluster analysis or numerical taxonomy
  • Functionality of the IoT
  • Natural language processing

It prepares you for producing and implementing data algorithm solutions for real-world problems. The jobs that will open up for you after this course are Software Development, Database Administration, Finance Analytics, and Business Intelligence.

Data-driven Decision Making: #2 Top Data Science Courses

This big data course is for those candidates who want in-depth knowledge about how different tools and techniques of Data Analytics like machine learning affects big organizational decisions at all levels of work. Concepts to be learned from this course are:

  • Hands-on experience on work in a simulated business environment to put these practical skills to use.
  • Data analysis using visualization tools for the generation of metrics dashboards.
  • Optimization of data collection processes.
  • Validation of performance metrics.

Decision-making experts are required in all sections of an organization to evaluate when strategy management in the manufacturing and service sectors.

Data Mining course: #3 Top Data Science Courses

Data Mining involves converting a collection of raw data into meaningful patterns to help a business determine its strategy to increase its sales according to predicted market trends. A course on Data mining teaches you about:

  • Clustering algorithms
  • Correlation and anomaly formation in data
  • Machine learning
  • Data visualization using a software
  • Big data Warehousing

Data mining can be applied to fraud identification, risk management, spam email detection, and database marketing.

Python Programming For Data Science: #4 Top Data Science Courses

Python is emerging as one of the best computer programming languages in the world. It finds applications in machine learning, data analytics, and computation of big data algorithms. Learning Python from free sources on the Internet such as the Python data science course by Free Code Camp or the Python certification and training course by Koenig Solutions can teach you a lot about:

  • Fundamental Python coding language
  • Functions like merge and pivot tables
  • Manipulation of csv files
  • Analysis tools like Pandas, NumPy, and Matplotlib

Python coding finds several applications in the fields of gaming, application development, and software development. Proficiency in this data science course can open a wide spectrum of career options in today’s world.

MIT 6.0002 Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science, Fall 2016 (From MIT OpenCourseware):

This free online data science course offered by one of the highest reputed universities of the world, MIT, is an elaborate course talking about optimization issues in various computation algorithms used in different industries today. It covers in-depth explanation on the following topics:

  • Stochastic thinking
  • Monte Carlo simulation
  • Statistical analysis of big data
  • Machine Learning and Python coding
  • Clustering

This course will be extremely beneficial to you if you are looking for jobs that require the implementation of Python 3.5 programming for solving real-world optimization problems.

Closing Notes: : Top Data Science Courses

Data Science and Big Data management are highly advanced domains of study. With a strong knowledge of data science concepts and hands-on experience in the industry, professionals can make big money in any sector, like banking, healthcare, e-commerce, and consultancy services. The above top data science courses are bound to help you polish and upgrade your skill set to earn you a steady position in this field of work.


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