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Coffee machines are like sand by the sea and not everyone is keeping what they promise. One thing applies to all coffee machines: “The best settings have missed their target when the coffee is either cheap or old. Only those who tip in high-quality coffee at the top will get tasty coffee out of the bottom”.

Krups EvidenceOne – Test impression

With the Krups EvidenceOne coffee machine, the coffee lover can enjoy drinks from the coffee machine in the style of a classic barista.

With around $650 on Amazon, The Krups EvidenceOne is not exactly inexpensive and rather located in the price midfield, but as a coffee lover, the price is relative, if it also ensures a good taste. And that’s really convincing if you invest a little in the quality of the beans. No coffee maker in the world can conjure up a high-end from cheap coffee.
Of course, the Krups EvidenceOne is also not completely comparable to the professional machines from the coffee shop or the high-end appliances for the household, which then cost twice as much or more. According to a test by a sommelier, the taste of the EvidenceOne is a little too short. Here he criticized above all the weak finish as well as the weak crema. But as already mentioned, we are in the middle price segment, where you can’t expect sommelier quality. However, for people with normal palates and coffee enjoyment requirements, the results of EvidenceOne are quite sufficient.

Otherwise, the Krups EvidenceOne coffee machine makes a good impression in the comfort rating. The display might be slightly larger, but it is easy to program the coffee strength, coffee quantity, and temperature, as well as the amount of milk.

The impatient noticed here in the test the quite long heating time of 95 seconds. Compared to many other tested coffee machines, this is the longest lead time. Very advantageous to mention is the large water tank with a volume of 2.3 liters, as well as the absolutely trouble-free cleaning of the coffee machine. Without difficulty, the drip tray can be removed, which must be emptied after at least four tass in order to prevent overflow. With a simple magnetic mechanism, the drawer clicks in the correct position. Otherwise, the Krups EvidenceOne includes adjustable automatic flushing. However, this does not apply to the milk hose, which requires manual cleaning, but is optimally designed, so this cleaning process is super easy to handle.

In the Krups EvidenceOne there are already a few recipes, which are already stored there and can be selected directly via colored pictures in the menu. These include: espresso, cappuccino, café lattte, café Americano and latte macchiato. If you don’t have the reading glasses on your nose, you can also use the pictograms to enjoy the desired coffee. In addition, the user can add up to 15 variations. If the coffee lover decides on a different option during the brewing process and cancels the process, he must prepare for a certain waiting time until the change is completed.

This fully automatic coffee machine features Krups Quattro Force technology for improved grinding, brewing, tamping and cleaning. Thus, the coffee maker offers perfect results at any time cup by cup. The Favorites menu can save up to 12 beverage settings. So every family member or visit can call up his favorite cup of coffee at the touch of a button.

The operation of the Krups coffee machine is quite simple, thanks to the large operating panel. The beverage symbols on it are colour-illuminated. The taste can be adjusted according to the personal enjoyment variant. This is ensured by the different grinding degree stages for a different coffee. In addition, Krups coffee machine offers a wide range of beverage specialities.

Not to be forgotten, this model also focuses on coffee milk specialities alongside coffee classics such as coffee or espresso. Like a milk coffee, latte macchiato and cappuccino can be prepared at the touch of a button.

The highlight is that all drinks can also be prepared in double version at the touch of a button, which means : “Just enjoy twice with the double cappuccino function”. As with all Krups fully automatic coffee machines, theg-like brewing group a highlight of this machine. The brewing groups from the Krups coffee machines are all made entirely of high-quality metal and not plastic.

This results in a long-lasting use with an always hot coffee by the best heat conduction, combined with a perfect taste experience, since the coffee does not come into contact with plastic, but only with stainless steel. As you can’t expect from a good coffee machine, cleaning is fully automatic, as is the coffee preparation.

Details about Krups EvidenceOne Coffee Machine

• Preparation of cappuccino, espresso, latte macchiato and v. .m.
• Crema thanks to powerful 15 bar pump
• Graphic display easy to understand with blue LED’s
• Single or double cup cover
• Automatic pre-brewing system
• Highly visible water level due to blue luminous LED band in the water tank

• Manufacturer Krups
• Type EvidenceOne
• Type of coffee machine
• Power 1550 W
• Voltage 220-240 V
• Pump pressure 15 bar
• Water tank 2.3 L
• Plastic enclosure
• Brewing group not removable
• Milk foam system automatically
• Display yes
• App no
• Grinding unit stainless steel cone grinder
• Two bean trays no
• Can function no
• Coffee temperature adjustable yes-3 steps
• Milk foam temperature adjustable no
• Coffee drinks at the touch of a button all milk and coffee specialties
• 2-cup function yes
• Only milk foam cover no
• Water filter insert yes
• Hot water function yes
• Hot milk function yes
• Dimensions 37.2 x 24 x 36.3 cm

The correct setting of Krups EvidenceOne

In the finest stage, the coffee machine grinds well despite the only three grinding stages. They should only be set up when the grinding mill is running. The minimum filling quantity of 40 ml is simply too much. In the test, the filling quantity for two cups was 50 ml, which was completely sufficient, because each espresso reached 25 ml, resulting in about 7-8 espresso beans per cup, at the highest level.

Krups himself formulates the ease of use and ambition at the IFA as follows: It was important to us that the user no longer has to switch to the submenu to prepare a coffee drink. This is not only of delight for the older coffee lovers but also for those who have no buck to constantly fumble around the operation and setting. There are four models in the direction of Evidence of Krups. However, the Krups EvedinceOne tested here meets all the requirements that a fully automatic coffee machine must meet.

• Three-stage cone grinder made of stainless steel
• 15 beverage variants + 3 tea water stages
• Any drink can be adjusted directly via OLED panel
• High-quality vessel for stainless steel cappucchina tore
• Fixed brewing group
• Setting coffee strength and temperature very easy

For only three adjustment levels, such a cone grinder is already a small venture. If the coffee machine does not work properly, even the finest grinding degree will not produce the optimal espresso grain, which is not the case with Krups, as the Krups EvidenceOne coffee machine is perfectly designed.

The failure to expand the brewing group, as with other manufacturers, is definitely a disadvantage, as a good cleaning of this crucial component is not possible.

Setting of quantity, grinding degree and temperature

What the advertising promises, the EvidenceOne also keeps! The fully automatic coffee machine is very easy to operate and adjust. The user does not have to switch to the submenu here, but finds all relevant functions such as drinks and settings directly in front of him. The whole program without complicated fumbles. The coffee starch is regulated either via the “Dark” cup, which processes more powder in the puck, or via the comfortable way to the “Extra Shot”. Since there are not many possibilities for grinding stages, only the finest of the three stages should be considered here. Nevertheless, the fully automatic machine delivers three grains.

Pleasant standard measure for milk foam and espresso

The milk foam standard is somewhat outdated, but not necessarily negative. At 65 C degrees, the latte is well-tempered, with the foam very firm. From a modern standard, the milkchaum consistency but far away.

Faziz to test the Krups EvidenceOne coffee machine

Despite the criticisms, Krups EvidenceOne is in a good range overall.

Pro & Contra
• Very simple and intuitive operation
• Good milk foam and espresso
• Stainless steel brewing group
• Milk foam cover quite quiet
• Value for money in the midfield

• Fixed brewing group
• Only from 40 ml of espresso

With everything the Krups EvidenceOne brings with it, the machine is optimally suited for normal requirements and beats both the hand-brewed French Press, as well as pad or capsule machines by lengths. Especially for environmental reasons, it was important for us not to buy a capsule machine and the EvidenceOne proves itself in the current time of the Home Office especially every day.
More information about the device and more than 100 other Customer opinions about the device can be found here.


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