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Rafting in Kundalika River a detailed travel guide

Among a few different attractions that Maharashtra’s Sahyadri belt is famous for, the stream Kundalika is quick acquiring ubiquity among vacationers as an experience sports location. Situated in Maharashtra’s tranquil Raigad locale, Kolad is a lively, little town loaded with characteristic magnificence, particularly during the rainstorm. The individuals who are searching for a touch of experience adventure out to encounter the Kolad waterway boating, which is agreeable, exciting and regularly testing as well! Among the lavish green mountains and hurrying waterways, Kolad fills in as an ideal objective for explorers who need to invest a loosening up energy in the lap of nature. Here is a guide on Kolad River Rafting(Kudremukha Rafting).

Best time to visit

As it is situated in the Sahyadri mountain range, Kolad ‘s climate is fundamentally hot throughout the entire year. That makes it amazing whenever of year for boating. Numerous guests, notwithstanding, incline toward the storms for a Kolad River boating trip, especially among June and September months. The water level in the waterway increments during storms and during this season considers an energizing experience venture.

While the winters are regularly acceptable, the greenery seen during the storms is not a viable replacement for some other day, with a hint of serenely chilly air. In actuality, winter is the longest boating season in the Kundalika River. All through storms, the water volume in the waterway rises and this season makes for a pleasant experience venture. In spite of the fact that the winters are consistently charming, with a hint of serenely chilly climate, the greenery seen during the storms is no replacement for all other daies. Truth be told, winter is the longest Kolad River boating season.

Summers are avoidable on the grounds that it gets possibly more smoking and you might be dried out while boating by the common stickiness of the bumpy region. Notwithstanding, if during summers one decides to go out to Kolad just to beat the warmth of the city, it is prudent to convey enough electrolyte-based liquids to keep your energy levels high. Walk to June are summer top months when boating works in Kolad.

Kundalika River rafting experience

White Water Rafting in the Kundalika River is one of the nation’s most ideal decisions today, as the waterway is a directed stream from the Bhira Dam. The degree of stream of the waterway relies basically upon the water produced from the dam. The stream gives wilderness boating encounters across a 12 – 13 km extensive stretch and the boating trip normally goes on for around two hours. The segment of the stream utilized for boating is exclusively founded on the water discharge from the dam and the development between two waterways, delivering it a thoroughly secure boating way on the grounds that there is no danger of fast ascents in water or weighty inclination.

Every guest wishing to take part in boating on the Kundalika River is taken to an instructional meeting on various rowing methodologies and security insurances to be continued on the off chance that they sneak off the pontoon. Just those with no past boating or swimming experience will appreciate wilderness boating at Kolad because of the assurance steps. All the boating experts here are prepared and have had extensive experience exploring various Indian streams, for example, Alaknanda, Bhagirathi, Indus, Zankar, Bramhaputra, and Kali.


Kundalika River Rafting(Kudremukha Rafting) activity starts at 8 AM toward the beginning of the day and at 14 years, the base age expected to go boating here is set. The Kundalika waterway gives two levels of boating, specifically Grade 2 and Grade 3, in view of the degree of water development. Despite the fact that Grade 2 includes a straightforward comprehension of stream wide moving methodology, Grade 3 is a considerably more exciting excursion with difficulties, for example, sudden drops and thundering waterflood, requesting significant rafters manoeuvering strategies.

How to reach the place for Kudremukha Rafting

For some encompassing towns, Kolad is very much associated by street and train. The town is situated around 120 Kilometers from Mumbai, the closest and most very much associated city. There are a few different ways to get to Kolad once you enter Mumbai-by street (own vehicle or transport) and train.

Via car

In the event that one chooses to get to Kolad via vehicle from Mumbai, it would take around 2 hours and 30 minutes to get to the town. The whole street is brilliant with the Sahyadris’ grand polish. All you shutterbugs, prepare making a course for take lovely pictures! Along the way, one will encounter imposing bluffs, lavish greenery, frothy cascades, shimmering lakes and lakes.


Via train

 By means of the Konkan Railways Kolad is very much connected to all significant urban communities inside Maharashtra and India. The train excursion to Kolad from both of the nearest areas, much like the street way, is loaded with grand magnificence and adds to the experience insight, especially while going in a huge gathering. There are two direct traveler trains which interface day by day among Mumbai and Kolad. It is the most savvy approach to move off Mumbai to Kolad. The excursion via train requires about 2-4 hours relying upon which train one is taking. Another choice to get to Kolad by rail is to take a bus train from Diva to Roha and take an auto-cart or neighborhood transport from Roha to Kolad on the expressway.

Via Bus

Many venturing out by transport to Kolad may pick to jump on one of the transports bound to Mumbai-Goa and get off at Kolad for what it’s worth on the Goa street. This way contains both Maharashtra state transport transports and private transports, each giving internet booking administrations. Explorers were likewise ready to choose the way from Mumbai-Ratnagiri when taking the transport to Kolad. On the off chance that one needs to take a transport to Kolad there are a lot of decisions open. During the day, transports handle this way commonly, offering guests more occasions to pick a time of decision to enter their objective.

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