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Kukarma began as an idea by two artists, Neha S Gupta and Vibhhu Kumaar.

About Owners

Neha(Owns Kukarma) has done her Masters In Music. She is a professionally trained tabla player. Her career was, however, short-lived, due to her financial conditions. She has then worked in the automobile industry.

Her childhood love for painting rekindled, while she was an HR at the BMW. What started as doodles during her spare time over napkins and at the back of discarded sheets, quickly shifted to colours. During the evenings, Neha started to paint in acrylics and watercolours. And pretty soon she decided to teach doodles and painting across Delhi.

Vibhhu Kumaar(Owns Kukarma) has done his Bachelors in Computers and is an MBA. However, he never really went down the usual 9 to 5 route. He tried his hands at different creative outlets. He wrote poems and then songs, which he sang in his band. But this was something that he soon realised wasn’t something that was the release that he needed. And so, pretty soon he got down to writing. He wrote his first book and published his third, titled THIS 4231. He then began drawing and painting, preferably in inks and gouache.

Being a self-taught artist, he credits youtube as his teacher and mentor.


Currently, he is working on his new Novel and also takes regular workshops wherein he discusses his process, and also the entire creative pursuit and how we can channel the day to day in our expressions.

Current Scenario of Kukarma

Neha and Vibhhu bonded over their shared interest in music and art. And pretty soon they decided to have joint workshops. After numerous workshops throughout Delhi, they then focussed their attention on teaching the underprivileged children. Neha was especially keen at teaching little girls, not just arts but also helping them see life from a varied perspective.

They travelled and spent time with children and Teachers alike, sharing their love for art and travel.

About Art: Kukarma

Neha’s paintings have proudly adorned galleries at Dehradun. Neha loves her dog, Walt, the sweetest Pomeranian, and his passion and energy show in her work, which is basically focussed at still life with bright vibrant colours. While still, life is something that Neha loves, she has not entirely restricted herself to that genre only. Open to challenges and variations, Neha loves to dawdle with different subjects that let her explore her creativity and channel her inner child, as she puts it.

Vibhhu’s art has always been about his favourite tv-series and his fascinations with all things natural and unnatural alike. It is hard to classify his art style to a particular genre. Having worked for numerous clients, he is pretty much eclectic and is proud and humble of his versatility.

He is currently working as a cover artist for different comics and his work is soon to be published with the Indian comic industry giant, Raj comics.


Together, they have also been to a lot of art fairs and conventions. Comic-con is something that they both remember and miss fondly. “Ku-karma was especially well received at the Bangalore Comic-Con.”

The team has also been published in the Lucknow Times and they have both been invited to draw live at a lot of venues.

Vision: kukarma.in

When asked about their vision, the team smiles and shares that they intend to provide a platform to all the creatives to share and express their views and art. While teaching they often preach to feel through their art and creative side and also to never hold back on one’s true self.

Says Neha “Your inner demons need channelling, and there may be times when you are too scared to talk and tell how you feel. Art is that expression. For those who do it, it is a much-needed catharsis.”

Some Great Art Work By Kukarma


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