3 Labelling Solutions That Will Make Your Life Easier


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Labelling Solutions: Labelling systems fail for a variety of reasons. While labelling errors are infrequent, they can have disastrous repercussions. Therefore, it is important to have labelling solutions to any identified risk to aid the business in operating efficiently.

Ensure that you are up to date on all fronts.

Updating your operating system, hardware, and software ensures that your business continues to run smoothly. A piece of advice that goes along with this Best Practice is that updating one part of your solution, such as the operating system, hardware, or software, has an impact on the overall technical solution. Using labelling software designed for Windows 10 on a machine running Windows XP may not work as well (or at all). Keep your printers up to date and maintained in terms of labels to ensure that your labels are of the highest quality possible.

Features of Machines to Compare

There are about six things you should look out for when comparing and choosing machines:

  • Specifications,
  • Roll capability
  • Product dimensions
  • Label dimensions
  • Standard features

Shipping costs and equipment upkeep are further factors to consider. It’s easier to make a buying decision if you know what you need in terms of production and labelling, so you can choose which machine type, functionality, and speed you want.

Spare Printers

Having only one printer exposes you to danger. When it breaks, you have to cease printing labels. With a spare printer, you can eliminate that danger.

The advantage of having spare printers is that they are not useless. Having many printers allows you to distribute workload across your fleet, decreasing wear and tear at a single location.

You eliminate that risk if you can print labels with a different printer if your first printer is dropped and damaged.

Label Applicator Machines

With high reliability and accuracy, label applicators apply self adhesive labels to large quantities of products. To achieve the best labelling position, labels can be applied to products from above, below, or to the side.

All our automatic labellers have the following features:

  • Automatic Product Speed Following precisely adjusts dispensing speed in real-time to match product speed variations. A conveyor can be ramped up or down, and the labeler can adjust its speed to handle it.
  • Add on Modules – In cases where direct wiping is not possible, ALS creates a variety of add-on modules for common applications.
  • Integrated Electronics – All applicators can be controlled by integrated electronics on-board. This means that no messy cabling is required to connect to external controllers – everything is built-in.
  • Optional IP65 Protect Many of our label applicators can be fitted with IP65 protection against dust and water.
  • 2-Year Warranty – All products in this range come standard with the ALS 2-Year Warranty

Summary: Labelling Solutions

Thermal label printing is a complex, specialized field that may be made much more efficient, effective, and dependable by collaborating with thermal labelling professionals.

FAQ: Labelling Solutions

What is labelling used for?

The purpose of labelling a product is to tell the consumer what’s in it and how to use it. It helps consumers differentiate different types of products and tells them which is which. It also tells them if they have an allergy to one ingredient or another. It is a crucial marketing touchpoint for manufacturers. In today’s market, labels are an essential part of a product’s overall marketing strategy.

What are the benefits of labeling?

One of the most important benefits of labelling is its ability to communicate specific information. By displaying information about the ingredients content of a product, consumers can easily compare it to other similar products. This helps prevent unwanted purchases and improves dietary management of chronic diseases. Moreover, it allows customers to make informed choices for their health. Additionally, labels can be designed to withstand certain chemicals, alcohol, and extreme temperatures.

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