LA’s Best Nail Salons For Summer-Ready Manis and Pedis


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Nail salons LA offer way more than just polish perfection, but a unique taste as well. But where in L.A. can fashionable ladies get a unique manis or pedis? Locate a salon at theYou today! theYou aids you to get your taste in trim, buff and polish at any of the best nail salons Los Angeles has to offer.

Nail Salons

We’re noticed that Los Angeles’ residents love choosing exquisite manis styles and LA ladies also have a high fashion taste. So to help you navigate the endless number of nail shops in the city, we’ve put together some of the best salons you can get your nails fixed. 

Best Nail Salons LA for Summer Nails

  • Olive & June

Select your unique choice from over 350 shades Olive and June’s enamel nail polish which includes many local brands such as Polish House, NCLA and Jenna Hipp. They also have other nail polish brands like NARS, OPI, and Kure Paris organic nail polishes, as well as OPT and Shellac gels.

From its name to the decor, you can tell the place has a welcoming, comforting and friendly atmosphere. Their locations include Beverly Hills, Pasadena, Santa Monica, and you can ease yourself of the search, theYou got you covered.

  • Nail Beauty Spa

Nail Beauty Spa, a beauty spa in L.A. provide a variety of soothing services including, manicures, pedicures, waxing and nail art as well as acrylic nails. In addition, they also offer soothing skin services that relax your tense muscles.

  • Vermont Spa Nails and Lena’s Nails

These nail salons LA create an environment where you get  the most comfortable services done to your nails. Their artist and general manicure ,pedicure, acrylic nails designs make you understand why you would love your nails more.

Nail Salons
  • Côte, Powder Beauty Co., and Summit

Each one of these salons represents some of the unique reasons why LA’s ladies have such an exquisite taste. From their decor to their artist skill sets would make you feel good for what you’ve paid for.

They make all of their own products to ensure that everything is free of the five major toxins associated with nail polish thus given you a satisfactory and lasting results.

  • La La

LaLa’s Salon & Spa offers personalized services and resources for your nails pampering based on your needs.They deliver quality and consistency services in a relaxing and therapeutic environment. 

Some of their specialty services include elegant aesthetics, modern designs and innovative nail salon experience. 

We’ve vetted all of these nail salons LA to ensure safety, cleanliness, and fair legal wages and you can find the rest of top nail salons LA on theYou. Have a wonderful experience!

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