Bigg Boss 14 season Love Bird Ijaz Khan (eijaz khan) And Holy Punia (Pavitra Punia) These days are very active on social media and often share their romantic photos and videos among the fans. Fans also fondly call the pair of both as pavijaz too. And at the same time, through social media, they often question when the two of you are about to get married. Recently, Pavitra Punia held a live session for her Insta fan, during this time, Ejaz Khan put some such demand in front of Pavitra Punia, the screenshot of which the actress has shared in her Insta story.

Eijaz has also shared a screen shot in his Insta story in which he speaks while commenting on Insta Live of Pavitra Punia, good baby, sorry to disturb you but don’t forget to bring a galouti kebab while you remember Were made for me My mouth is watering.’ Ejaz shared True Love sharing the screenshot.

Pavitra Punia and Eijaz Khan recently had a special conversation with our colleague Times of India. During the interview, Pavitra and Aijaz also spoke very openly about their relationship and marriage. The holy Puniya expressed her love for Ejaz Khan, saying, ‘I believe that love is a beautiful feeling. And we both feel this beautiful feeling about each other. We both used to fight in Bigg Boss house. Despite this, we had a feeling for each other.


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