Ankita Lokhande (‘Pious Relationship’ fame)Ankita lokhande) And businessman Vicky Jain (Vicky Jain) Has been in relationship for a long time. In a recent interview, the actress spoke openly about her relationship and marriage with Vicky Jain. In a special conversation with ‘Bollywood Bubble’, Ankita said that love is a necessity for me. Just like love is a necessity for me, in the same way love is also a necessity in my life.

Ankita further says that if I go anywhere or work, then my partner wants me with me, I have nothing to do with the rest of the world. If both of us are sitting together and drinking tea, then that is enough for me. Every moment spent with my partner is special for me.

Ankita made gulab jamun for Vicky in lockdown
Ankita further states that I do not know how to cook, but during lockdown I made Gulab Jamun for Vicky. And Gulab Jamun got burnt, but Vicky ate the same black Gulab Jamun.

Ankita revealed about marriage
Talking about marriage, Ankita says that I too wish a happy marriage like every girl. Because marriage is something that is very beautiful. Yes, I am very excited about my marriage and I am going to get married soon. I love Rajasthani weddings of Jaipur-Jodhpur. But the preparations have not started yet.


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