Nikki Tamboli recently lost her brother and is in shock. Nikki Tamboli’s brother’s recent corona infection (Nikki Tamboli brother death) Died. She was admitted to a hospital in Mumbai for the past 20 days, where she was also exposed to pneumonia, tuberculosis and other problems apart from Corona, which Nikki Tamboli reported in a post.

Nikki Tamboli is missing her brother a lot. In memory of his brother, emotional Nikki Tamboli shared a picture of Jatin on his Instagram story (Nikki Tamboli Instagram) and wrote, ‘Death is nothing brother is a life which is very difficult. But you fought it till the end. It is getting very difficult to live without you. Memories come back, but you do not come. ‘

Nikki Tamboli’s brother passed away on 4 May and the actress wrote in a passionate post on her Instagram account, ‘We didn’t know that God was going to call your name this morning. When life was there, we loved you very much and now we love the same in death. Losing you broke our heart. You did not go alone. Half of all of us also went with you. The day God called you home, you left beautiful memories on that day. Your love is still our guide. We may not see you but you are always with us. Our family chain broke. And now everything is not the same. But as God calls everyone in turn, our chain will join once again. ‘

‘You never bid anyone farewell, never said goodbye to anyone. By the time we got to know you were gone. Only God knows why. We will miss you millions of times. Millions of times we will cry. If only love could save you, then no one would die. We will meet again someday. I thank God that he made a brother like you. ‘

After the death of his brother, Nikki Tamboli has taken a break from Instagram and social media for some time. The team is now handling their account.


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