Corona has been hit by the film and TV industry in such a way that everyone is in panic. Recently, 18 crew members were found to be Corona positive on the sets of dance reality show ‘Dance Deewane 3’, after which the set was badly stirred. The new crew members were then brought onto the set and the set completely sanitized.

Meanwhile, Corona has once again stormed the set of ‘Dance Deewane 3’. According to a report by ‘TV9’, 3 contestants of this reality show have also become corona. Let us know that in the ‘Dosti Special’ episode of the past weekend, Contestants Uday Singh, Suchana and Arundhati could not perform, which upset the fans and questioned on the social media that the three contestants were from the ‘Dosti Special’ episode. Why he was missing and why he did not perform.

After this, news has been revealed that all three contestants are corona positive and they have been quarantined. However, it has not been officially confirmed yet and neither has anything been done by the show makers.

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Information is third generation contestant, Arundhati has received an offer from Remo

Please tell that Suchana is a resident of Vasai, Maharashtra and is a third generation contestant on the show. She is a part of the show after her marriage and is taking forward her dance skills thanks to her mother and mother-in-law. At the same time, Arundhati Garnayak is from Orissa and is fond of dance. But in an accident, he had a spinal injury, due to which he had a lot of problems in dancing as well. However, during the treatment, he kept his dance passion alive and due to that he is a part of ‘Dance Deewane 3’.

Uday Singh, a resident of Neemuch, came up for discussion with the viral video.

At the same time, Uday Singh is a resident of Neemuch, a small village in Madhya Pradesh. He belongs to a tribal community and feeds on hard work. Uday Singh, who is living in extreme poverty and poverty, came into the limelight when he started sharing his dance videos on Tiktok. After this, he became a social media sensation on sight. If there was no money, that is why we learned dance by watching dance videos and today they are being recognized because of that.

Now shooting will be like this

When the ETIMS contacted the Federation of Western India Cine Employees, it was told that now everyone will be pre-tested before the shooting and only those people on the set will get an entry, whose corona report is negative Will come. Apart from this, it is necessary to wear masks and sanitize before rehearsal to final performance on-air.


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