Bollywood veteran actor Dilip Kumar There is good news for the fans of (Dilip Kumar). Dilip Sahab’s health is improving and he will be discharged from the hospital on Friday. Dr Jaleel Parkar, who is treating Dilip Kumar at Hinduja Hospital, has issued an update regarding the actor’s health. The doctor said in his statement that Dilip Kumar’s health (Dilip Kumar Health Update) It’s fine now. He was admitted to the hospital on Sunday following shortness of breath. Now his health is fine and the water accumulated in the lungs has also been removed. In such a situation, he will be discharged from PD Hinduja Hospital on Friday. He can now return home.

Plural aspiration was done on Wednesday
Earlier on Wednesday, 98-year-old Dilip Kumar had to undergo a process of pleural aspiration on the fourth day of his hospitalization. Through this procedure, a small needle and tube were inserted into the space between his lung and the chest wall and the fluid that had accumulated around the lung was removed. Dr Jalil Parkar had told that 350 ml of water stored in his left lung has been removed during the day at 2 o’clock on Wednesday. Dilip sahab’s oxygen level is also now 100 percent.

350ml of water extracted from Dilip Kumar’s lungs, better health after plural aspiration
Dilip Kumar was on oxygen support in ICU
Dilip Kumar was admitted to the hospital on Sunday morning, during which his wife Saira Banu also stayed with him in the hospital. Dilip Kumar was kept in the ICU ward on oxygen support after increasing difficulty in breathing. After improving his health, he was shifted from ICU ward to general ward on Thursday. He is being treated at Hinduja Hospital under the supervision of Pulmonologist Dr. Jalil Parker and Cardiologist Dr. Nitin Gokhale.

Dilip Kumar’s health improves, doctor said – medicines showed effect, will be discharged from hospital soon
shortness of breath due to bilateral pleural effusion

On Monday, the doctor told that Dilip Kumar has bilateral pleural effusion. In this, there is repeated accumulation of water in the chest and lungs, which increases the pressure on the lungs and causes breathlessness. Dilip Kumar’s photo was also revealed from the hospital on the evening of Monday 7 June 2021.


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