Actress Dipika Kakar (Dipika Kakar) is holidaying at a resort with her husband Shoaib Ibrahim and in-laws, from where she and Shoaib are sharing daily activities on their YouTube channel. Dipika and Shoaib are not only spending quality time together but are also doing adventures together. During one such adventure, Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim’s breath got stuck.

This adventure was of sky cycling Dipika Kakar-Shoaib Ibrahim. Let us tell you that in the resort where Shoaib and Deepika are now, this story of sky cycling happened during their last visit to that resort. But this time when Shoaib once again asked Dipika for cycling, she got scared and narrated the story because of that fear.

‘Stuck in the air, Deepika started crying out of fear’

In the shared video, Shoaib Ibrahim is telling that the last time he and Deepika did sky cycling during the holiday, their bicycle got stuck in the middle of the air and both got stuck on the harness. The bicycle had come out of the wire and hung down. His family was present below and everyone’s condition had become miserable. Deepika’s condition had only worsened. She started screaming and crying.

Staff saved lives
Shoaib further said, ‘But the staff here is very good. They came and rescued us and took us out safely. After that it said that I will not ride here after today.’

Deepika is now afraid of cycling

That incident is still so fresh in Dipika Kakar’s mind that she is now scared to ride a normal cycle. In the video she is saying, ‘And I was speaking that day. Know that I don’t have to Shoaib. I am scared. But it was saying hey Dippy nothing will happen.’
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