Mumbai A filmmaker in Andheri suburban area Santosh Gupta Asmita’s wife, including her daughter Srishti, set herself on fire. Asmita and Srishti have died due to burning in the fire. Both of them had set themselves ablaze in their house. When the neighbors reported the fire, the fire brigade was called. Although Asmita had passed away before reaching the hospital, while Srishti died a day later while undergoing treatment.

The incident occurred on Monday while Asmita set herself and her daughter on fire in the afternoon. The incident was detected when neighbors saw flames from the house. It is being told that Asmita was suffering from kidney problem for a long time and her daughter was also very upset with her mother’s health and that is why she Suicide As you took a step.

The police have registered a case and told that Asmita died before reaching the hospital. Srishti had burnt 70% and died during treatment a day later.


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