‘Bigg Boss’ fame singer and actress Himanshi Khurana (Himanshi Khurana) Recently received a tweet regarding plasma donation. Himanshi Khurana was trolled by the people badly and said that it is better if he keeps quiet.

Himanshi Khurana was corona positive a few months ago (tweet Himanshi Khurna). Several weeks after recovering from Corona, now Himanshi Khurana decided to donate the plasma. While many celebrities are appealing to everyone to donate plasma and get a vaccine (Himanshi Khurana plasma donation), Himanshi Khurana decided to donate plasma before getting the vaccine and tweeted about it.

Himanshi Khurana is thinking that if she donates the plasma for free, will the doctors also give the plasma to the patients for free? About this, he took to his Twitter handle (Himanshi Khurana Twitter) Wrote, ‘I was thinking that I would donate the plasma before vaccination, but the hospitalists would charge a lot for it. If we donate plasma for free, then the hospital will also provide plasma for free.

Himanshi Khurana’s tweet did not appeal to many people and he trolled the actress badly. One user wrote, ‘Madam would have known at first how much time plasma can be donated. Remember this in 6 months now? ‘


Another user wrote, ‘That’s a maintenance charge. Blood and plasma require a special type of storage system. They are not kept in the refrigerator like milk packets. And it has been a long time for your Kovid. Doesn’t run so old. ‘

Another user wrote, ‘Madam, don’t think right now how much the hospitals are earning. Right now the whole country depends on them. Save someone’s life. Donate the plasma, if you deserve it. ‘

Many users even called Himanshi Khurana a ‘stupid woman’ and said that they should first educate themselves and understand. Read what people tweeted



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