Singer and composer AR Rahman (A. R Rahman), who made a special identity from his music from South to Bollywood, Indian Idol 12 (Indian Idol 12) Are about to attend the stage. A. on the show All the contestants of the show, from the judge, host to the arrival of R Rahman, are also excited. Also special preparations have been made for them. In this special episode you will see that the contestants of the show AR Rahman Will perform on the song of Let us tell you that the musical weekend will be one of the most spectacular nights for the viewers of Sony Entertainment Television.

While AR Rahman gave his autographed cassette to the show’s contestant Ashish, another contestant was so impressed with Shanmukhapriya’s singing that he got himself on stage to play the piano. Actually, Shanmukhapriya performed on the songs ‘Uri Uri’ and ‘Mukbala’, after which everyone present on the set was highly praised. At the same time AR Rahman was so happy to hear his song that he could not stop himself from going on stage and started playing piano while giving music to Shanmukhapriya’s song.

AR Rahman to perform music in “Pippa”, a film based on the 1971 war between India and Pakistan.

Forward AR Rehman praised Shanmukhapriya saying “You have a great talent. I am very impressed with your performance and you have a unique voice. You are a soulful singer and I love the way you sing every song, very good to hear me Laga. ’I am proud that our country has such talents.
AR Rahman thanked fans for supporting him through difficult times

AR Rahman played piano on the stage of Indian Idiol 12


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