bhojpuri superstar Pawan Singh (Pawan SinghIts popularity needs no introduction. The craze in people towards him is also amazing. One such crazy fan surprised Pawan Singh, who walked hundreds of kilometers to his house just to meet him and when the actor came to know about this, he was shocked and became emotional.

Please tell that Ashok Sah, a resident of Motihari, is a Divyang and is a big fan of Pawan Singh. He traveled hundreds of kilometers in his wheelchair to meet his favorite actor and reached Arrah and met Pawan Singh. The actor has shared a video of this meeting on his Instagram account. It was written with this video, ‘From 4 am on the 27th, this boy Ara has come to my house after leaving Motihari. I am speechless How can I praise this brother, that’s why I speak, the public is God for me.

Pawan Singh had never even thought of this, but when this incident happened to him, he asked Ashok Sah about his journey. After this Pawan Singh fed Ashok Sah with food and made arrangements to go home with financial help. The actor said that it is because of my good deeds that people love me so much. Despite the lockdown, it is a big deal to come only to meet me after walking for so many days. We thank them that they love us so much.

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