Bollywood Actress Kangana (Kangana ranaut) Apart from the film screen, Ranaut is very active on social media. She is known for her impeccable rhetoric. He is once again in the news. Actually, Kangana Ranaut and filmmaker Hansal Mehta (Hansal mehta) Has been lightly debated on Twitter. Hansal Mehta tweeted and wrote, “Is President’s rule coming soon in Maharashtra?” The whole affair started from then on.

Kangana Ranaut tweeted several back-to-back tweets on Hansal Mehta’s tweet. First Kangana Ranaut wrote, ‘Hansal sir will soon be a Sanghi, you are a rational person, when you become disillusioned with these people like me then the lotus will blossom in your heart and you will become a devotee. Then we will go together to Sadguru Ashram or Kailash together. ‘

Kangana Ranaut wrote in another tweet, ‘I interviewed Ravish Kumar with you but I had to face cruelty and isolation. Despite being talent, tried to put me in jail, declared me insane. At that time the Government of India offered me to play the role of Goddess Lakshmi in a campaign. ‘

Kangana Ranaut wrote in another tweet, ‘When Shiv Sena threatens me, they have given me protection so I really see them as feminists and champions of freedom of speech and liberal values. Soon you will also realize. I owe a lot of life to the lotus flower. ‘

Responding to Kangana Ranaut, Hansal Mehta then tweeted and wrote, “After the epidemic is over, let’s go to coffee.” Kangana Ranaut tweeted on this and wrote, “Sure, I miss your Humor and food”.


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