Actress Kangana Ranaut’s Twitter account was suspended (after allegedly making several objectionable tweets)Kangana Ranaut Twitter account was suspended), after which the actress said that the white American people want to enslave the countrymen and their hearts are moved by seeing those who have been tortured for thousands of years. On this, now actress Kavita Kaushik has turned Kangana.

In response to Kangana Ranaut, Kavita Kaushik wrote on her Twitter handle (Kavita Kaushik Twitter), ‘What time are you talking about, brother? Nowadays, poor foreigners are dancing as background dancers in our films. With Due Respect to the West. ‘

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Kavita trolled due to spin
However, after this tweet, some fans of Kangana Ranaut opened the front against Kavita Kaushik and said that they are not getting that work either. A fan wrote, ‘Nobody is giving you even that work. He was also evicted from Big Boss by dishonor. Another fan wrote, ‘That account is suspended, so you are speaking.’ So another fan wrote, ‘Khisiyani cat pillar noche.’

Let me tell you that Kangana Ranaut, who was annoyed by BJP’s defeat in Bengal elections, was constantly tweeting. Some of Kangana’s tweets were described by Twitter users as extremely objectionable and encouraging of violence. After this, Kangana Ranaut’s Twitter account was suspended on 4 May. Even before the account was suspended, Kangana had another controversial tweet in which she compared Mata Banerjee to Tadka without naming her.


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