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Last year, the government brought video streaming over-the-top (OTT) platforms such as Netflix, Amazon’s Prime Video, Hotstar, and others under the ambit of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. This resulted in people from the film industry expressing their disappointment over controlling the flow of art, that web space offers to the filmmakers.

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When actor Kunal Kemmu was asked to express his views on the same, he said, “Just because there is tolerance to the amount of sex or bad language in the digital space, it doesn’t mean you overdo it. Har ek line me gaali daalne ki koi zaroorat nahi hai. It should be part of your story and be effective in the narration. Just because you have freedom, that doesn’t mean you exploit it. “

That’s just one side of the debate. Reflecting his views upon the other side of the debate, Kunal further added that sometimes he feels that people get hyper sensitive about certain things. It’s not that someone is trying to put somebody down on a web show, as it’s just a fictional character and the narrator is trying to say something in relevance of the fictional space.

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Kunal further added that there is a thin line between trying to say something necessary which is important to the story, and just push agendas or try to get reactions by stirring up a controversy only to boost the number of viewers.

“Sometimes actors or story tellers take the self-censorship route. However, when it comes to a law being enforced then it is important that it has to be considered by all parties and followed through various aspects while making films or web shows,” noted the



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