Bengali actress and TMC MP Nusrat Jahan has broken ties with her husband Nikhil Jain. He said that we were married according to Turkish law, so it is not legal in India. Thus the question of divorce does not arise.

For some time now, there were reports of rift between Nusrat and Nikhil. Nikhil said that Nusrat is not with him for 6 months. On the other hand, when the news of Nusrat being pregnant came out, Nikhil said that he was not aware of it. Even if Nusrat is pregnant, then the child is not hers.

Nusrat said the marriage was invalid

Nusrat issued a statement saying, ‘Because of the marriage taking place on foreign soil and as per the Turkish Marriage Regulations, the marriage is void. This is a marriage between people of two different religions, so it needed to be given statutory recognition in India but it did not happen.

Nusrat said – this is not a marriage, just a live-in relationship

The actress further said, ‘Legally this marriage is not valid but a live-in relationship. So the question of divorce does not arise. We parted ways long back but I didn’t talk about it as I wanted to keep my private life to myself. In the eyes of the law, this marriage is not at all.

Married in 2019, now news of affair with BJP leader
Let us tell you, Nusrat was married to businessman Nikhil Jain in 2019. The actress shared her wedding pictures on social media which became quite viral. Now there is a discussion that Nusrat is very close to popular actor and BJP leader Yashdas Gupta. Both had also gone on a trip to Rajasthan in December last year.


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