Actress Sanya Malhotra, who was seen in ‘Dangal’ with Aamir Khan, is in the news for the film ‘Pagglait’ these days. In this, everyone is praising his work. Recently, he told a conversation with Itimes that Aamir Khan is not a perfectionist.

Sanya said, ‘Aamir Khan is not a perfectionist, he is passionate. I think the term perfectionist itself is very negative. Perhaps it is also in the dictionary that it is not a good word. ‘

Sanya becomes critical

Sanya said that she has been very strict about herself and at first she had impostor syndrome. He further said, ‘I would like to say that Aamir Khan is very passionate about his work but I become very critical.’

Live well with myself now
According to the actress, ‘There has been no release after which I did not tell myself that you should not have done this, you should not have done that. How to say, understand impostor syndrome. It means a lot of people, they are not aware that it is called this. I too was like that but now it is not so. Now I stay good with myself and do not be too harsh. ‘


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