TV Actor Pearl V Puri (Pearl V Puri) has been arrested for raping a minor. After this, all the stars were seen standing in his support. Now it is being said that the victim’s mother has also said that Pearl V Puri is innocent. The victim’s family member has told in a statement that the victim’s mother says that the actor is innocent. Apart from this, she has said that the victim’s father is implicating her on false charges, due to which she is fighting for the custody of his daughter.

The statement also said, ‘The victim’s mother is going through the worst phase of her marriage for the last 10 years. He has not even had his daughter for the last two years. Along with the victim’s mother, our support is also with Pearl. We hope the truth will come out soon.

family member statement

It is also being claimed in the statement, ‘The victim’s mother has been fighting for the custody of her daughter for a long time and in such a situation, now the victim’s father has done all this as a conspiracy, so that she is the victim’s mother. May the image be shown in front of the court and his daughter should remain with him.

family member statement

family member statement

The statement further said, ‘The victim’s mother is completely broken and needs your support. Along with this, she herself is supporting Pearl V Puri, because she is innocent. He is being forcibly implicated in all this. All this has been done by the father of the victim. We are sure the truth will come out soon and as much as Pearl needs your support, so does the victim’s mother.

Let us inform that earlier a call between producer Ekta Kapoor and the victim’s mother went viral on social media. During the call, the victim’s mother claimed that her husband was trying to implicate Pearl V Puri amidst the daughter’s custody battle.


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