Pulkit Samrat has shared a funny video in which he is seen hanging in a girl’s clothes on the song ‘Pulle Latke’. Pulkit Samrat (behind sharing this video)Pulkit Samrat hilarious video in Lehenga) Has also given a specific reason. Along with this, he has threatened to be prepared to make up for it by tagging his girlfriend Kriti Kharbanda.

In the video, Pulkit Samrat is seen in lehenga (Pulkit Samrat hilarious video In Lehenga) and has full makeup like girls. Despite this, there is also a light beard on his face. He has been seen hanging heavily on the song ‘Pallo latke re maharo’ with the girls dance group.

While sharing this, Pulkit wrote that he shared this video because he lost a bet. With this, he has tagged Kriti Kharbanda and wrote that he will have to compensate for it now. However, Pulkit did not reveal what the condition was. People are not able to stop laughing after watching this video of Pulkit. People are asking what it was.

A fan has written – Now this one remains to be seen. Somebody has said – If you have fun, some people are seen laughing by writing a funny.

Let us know that Pulkit and Kriti Kharbanda are often in discussion about their affair. Both are often seen with each other on social media posts. Kriti had also accompanied him to the Pulkit Samrat’s brother’s wedding recently.


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