Bollywood actor R Madhavan (R Madhavan) may be less visible in films but is quite active on social media. Recently, he has shared a video which is getting a lot of discussion among the people.

In this video, Madhavan’s wife Sarita Birje is seen teaching children virtually. Sharing this, the actor has praised his wife. He is seen speaking in the video that when your wife teaches the poor children of the country and you feel completely incompetent and useless.

Lives away from glamor world
R Madhavan captioned the video, “When your wife makes you feel small.” Now on social media too, Sarita Birje is being praised a lot. Actor’s wife lives away from the world of glamor.

Madhavan was corona positive

Let me tell you, R. Madhavan had reported that his corona was positive on 25th March. He wrote, ‘Farhan had to follow Rancho and the virus was always following him. This time he has caught them but All is well and Kovid will also fall into the well soon. I’m recovering fast ‘

Now R. Madhavan will be seen in ‘Rocketry’
Talking about the professional front, R Madhavan will now be seen in the film ‘Rocketry’ and its trailer has been released. It is a biopic inspired by the life of Aerospace Engineer Nambi Narayanan of ISRO. The film shows how a great scientist is accused of espionage.


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