Famous TV actress Shweta Tiwari (Shweta tiwari)’S husband Abhinav Kohli has alleged that he left his son Reyansh in a hotel in Mumbai to play the reality show Khatron Ke Khiladi (Khatron Ke Khiladi 11) Has gone to participate. Abhinav (Abhinav kohli) Has recently posted a video on social media in which he has claimed that I do not know where my son is called Reyansh so I am wandering from one hotel to another. During an interview, Shweta said that I have told Abhinav that I am going to South Africa. The child is absolutely safe with her family.

Shweta Tiwari says that I have told Abhinav over the phone that I am going to Cape Town and Reyansh is completely safe with her family. My mother, Relative and my daughter Palak are taking care of her. Also I will always be on video call in the middle of the shoot from Reyansh. I had explained everything to Abhinav very well but I was shocked when Abhinav posted the video.

Shweta further says that why Abhinav does this, I do not understand the agenda behind it. Shweta also said that Abhinav talks to Reyansh for about an hour every evening in the evening after the High Court order. While the High Court has allowed only half an hour, but he says Abhinav, give me a little more time, so let me talk for an hour. Yet if he says that he does not know where his child is and how it is, then what can be said.

Shwaveta says that I would have brought in Cape Town Reyansh, her nanny and her mother, but Abhinav did not make any arrangements for this nor agreed to it. On the other hand, I take care of the safety of Reyansh, on the other hand, Abhinav does not help with a penny in the expenses of children.

Abhinav was accused of Shweta
Abhinav said that Shweta has gone to South Africa for the player of dangers. When they asked me about my departure, I refused to let them know about the situation of Kovid. She will work there for 12 hours. I said there is no need to leave the child in the hotel, I will take care of him. She has now moved to South Africa, but where is my child? I also went to the police station but they told me to email, go to the child welfare.

Abhinav further says that he is traveling around the hotel by taking a photo of his son. I do not know what the condition of the son is right now. There is no hope from the police. He called the child helpline number. They have asked for help but could not get any help. Abhinav also talks on number one for a long time, when he does not get any help, he says that there is no use of this number.


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