Gulshan Kumar once ran a juice shop in Delhi’s Daryaganj. There was an attachment to music. Lord Shiva, mother Parvati and mother Vaishno Devi had deep faith. There was a passion in mind and this made Gulshan Kumar the ‘Cassette King’ of India. Gulshan Kumar Dua (Gulshan Kumar Birthday), born on 05 May 1951, opened a cassette shop in Delhi itself. He used to sell cheap song cassettes. Then started a music production company in Noida. Mumbai shifted as business increased. Introduced the T-Series in 1983. Became the highest tax payer in the country. Bhandara runs in Vaishno Devi under her name. But the end of the always smiling Gulshan Kumar (Gulshan Kumar Death) happened, which shook everyone, not just from Bollywood but from Mumbai to Dubai.

16 bullets fired on Gulshan Kumar

The decade of May was no less than a dark shadow for Mumbai in Mayanagari. While the business was growing in the economic capital, the credibility of the underworld was also strengthening. Dawood Ibrahim and his right hand man Abu Salem were spoken of. In 1993, Mumbai was rocked by a bomb blast. While on 12 August 1997, Gulshan Kumar was killed. His body was riddled with 16 bullets outside the Jiteshwar Mahadev temple. Those bullets did not rain like this.

Rakesh Maria received a phone call 5 months ago


At the behest of Dawood Ibrahim, Abu Salem had planned the murder of Gulshan Kumar. Two sharp shooters were stationed outside the temple. The police was also aware of this plan of Abu Salem. Five months ago in April itself, an informer informed former Maharashtra DGP Rakesh Maria about this. It was said on the phone, “Sir, Gulshan Kumar’s wicket is about to fall.”

Abu Salem had asked for a 10 crore ransom


Gulshan Kumar took Hindi songs, especially bhajans, from door to door. For the devotees visiting Vaishno Devi, they made arrangements for everything from food to lodging. His noble work is still going on. But Gulshan Kumar’s rising income was knocking someone out. It is said that at the behest of Dawood Ibrahim, Abu Salem had demanded a ransom of Rs 10 crore from Gulshan Kumar.

‘Worshiped a lot, now go up’

Journalist-turned-writer Hussain Zaidi wrote in his book ‘My Name is Abu Salem’, ‘Don Abu Salem had demanded a ransom of Rs 10 crore from Gulshan Kumar. But Gulshan Kumar flatly refused to give it. There were constant calls from the underworld, but Gulshan Kumar was not afraid. Gulshan Kumar had told Abu Salem on the phone – for 10 crores, I will get Bhandara done in Vaishno Devi … Abu Salem found it so bad that his henchmen told Gulshan Kumar while killing – worshiped a lot, Now go up and do it. ‘

‘Plan to end work on the way to the temple’

Former Maharashtra DGP Rakesh Maria told in an interview to news agency ‘IANS’, ‘I received a call from an informer on 12 April 1997. He just told me – Sir, Gulshan Kumar’s wicket is about to fall. ‘ Maria further adds, ‘I asked the informer who is going to take the wicket? He replied – Abu Salem, Sir he has planned a plan with his shooter. Gulshan Kumar goes to the Shiva temple every morning before leaving the house, where he is going to finish his work. ‘

Rakesh Maria called Fawn Mahesh Bhatt

Rakesh Maria further revealed in the interview that the informant’s phone call shocked him. He immediately called the director-producer Mahesh Bhatt. Asked if Gulshan Kumar goes to a temple every day? Rakesh Maria also told Mahesh Bhatt why he is asking all this. Says Rakesh Maria, “When Mahesh Bhatt confirmed the talk of going to the temple, I immediately reported to the crime branch. Just after this phone call, Gulshan Kumar’s security was increased.

Nadeem Saifi was also named in the suspects

Rakesh Maria’s news of that informer brought a storm in the police department. Gulshan Kumar was also approached in this regard. He was requested to leave the temple for a few days in the morning. But he did not agree. After the death of Gulshan Kumar, suspects Nadeem Saifi of music composer Nadeem-Shravan also came up. He was in England at the time and remained there. Although in 2002 an Indian court quashed the case against Nadeem for lack of evidence, his arrest warrant was never withdrawn.

Dawood Merchant and Vinod Jagtap fired bullets

According to reports, Abu Salem had given the responsibility of killing Gulshan Kumar to two sharp shooters named Dawood Merchant and Vinod Jagtap. On 9 January 2001, Vinod Jagtap confessed that he had shot Gulshan Kumar. When killed, Gulshan Kumar was the ‘Cassette King’ of Bollywood. He was a big producer of films. In such a situation, the fear of Abu Salem’s name in Bollywood increased after his death. Abu Salem was also named ‘Captain’ in the industry thereafter.

Responsibility on brother Krishna Kumar and son Bhushan

After the death of Gulshan Kumar, the entire responsibility of the T-series fell on the shoulders of his brother Krishna Kumar and son Bhushan Kumar. When Gulshan Kumar was killed, Bhushan Kumar was just 20 years old. Gulshan Kumar also has two daughters. Tulsi Kumar and Khushali Kumar. While Tulsi Kumar, who is the country’s popular singer today, Khushali Kumar is a fashion designer and actor as well as a singer.

Biopic will be made from ‘Mogul’ title

On the life of Gulshan Kumar, the T-series has also announced the making of a film with the title ‘Mogul’. In this film, Gulshan Kumar will play Akshay Kumar. However, there is no information about when the film will be ready and when it will be released.


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