Sushmita Sen adopted Alisha in 2010. Sushmita adopted her elder daughter René when the actress herself was 24 years old. Now an old video of his younger daughter is viral on the Internet. In this video, why Alisha is adopting a child from the orphanage, she is saying heart touching things on this topic. Mother Sushmita Sen shared this video and said that Alisha has inspired her.

Sushmita’s daughter Alisha is explaining why you should adopt a child from an orphanage. In this video, Alisha is showing her essay written, which Sushmita is looking very emotional on seeing.

In this video, Sushmita Sen asked- Have you written this, complete? Alisha said- Yes and after that he read the whole essay on the topic of getting a baby boy from the orphanage and read it to his mother.

In this video, Alisha is seen saying, ‘My topic is based on adopting a child from the orphanage. I believe that you should adopt a child from an orphanage, because it brings happiness to your family. Ultimately a child has the right to live. You may think that adopting a child is a more responsible job than being your own child, but no, you are wrong here. It is the same in both ways and secondly, there should not be any discrimination here.

She says, “When you adapt and give life to someone, it is a beautiful feeling that you have given someone a good life.” Your child will love you so much that you will not even realize that he is adopted. Children are just like clay, whoever they are, the parents love them. Especially the children of the orphanage who do not even know the meaning of love, because they have not found love, they should definitely get it. ‘ During this, Alisha also refers to Sunny Leone, who has adopted a baby girl from Latur.

Even before this, Sushmita had shared this video of Alisha in the year 2019 and said, ‘Alisha brought tears to my eyes with this letter.’


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