Abhishek Bacchan The OTT platform with the lead role of ‘The Big Bull’ has been released on Disney Plus Hotstar. People have already guessed the story of the film. A web series has arrived on this story which was well liked. So there is nothing left to tell too much, the only thing left is Abhishek Bachchan’s acting, so it is worth watching in this film.

story: A small stock market stockbroker is Hemant Shah (Abhishek Bachchan) who performs a scam through loopholes of the country’s financial system and banking. However, Hemant’s dream ends by going to a bad end. The story of the film is about Harshad Mehta and his scam.

Review: In a growing economy, everyone wants to be rich. Many people catch the wrong path in this rich way, although some are caught in it and some are saved. The story of Harshad Mehta is also similar. On this, Hansal Mehta has created a web series called ‘Scam 1992’ which was very much liked. Everyone knows the story, so it was a difficult task for director Kuki Gulati to present it to the people in a new way, that too in only two and a half hours of the film. However, Gulati has succeeded to a large extent because the story of Hemant Shah, a middle class man, will surely attract you.

It is beyond comprehension why at one time, the person who committed India’s biggest scam, is being glorified. The biggest thing is that he is being described as the messiah of the common middle class. If you are not familiar with the story of Harshad Mehta then it is very important to know it. However, in this story, Abhishek Bachchan is seen to add life to his character. As his girlfriend Priya Nikita Dutta They also look very nice. The film shows how things can be changed by manipulating the capitalist system. The film depicts the story well and the directors have succeeded in showing ‘Bombay’ in an old Mumbai mean time.

You have to praise Abhishek Bachchan’s acting when you know that his character could have been given more depth. Abhishek Bachchan has done full justice to his character and his hard work is also visible. However, some scenes have been shot very loud which look dramatic. Abhishek-Nikita’s love story is also seen in the film’s story taking many breaks. As journalist Meera Rao Ileana Dikruz Jamati but her character also needed to be given depth. The film also stars Saurabh Shukla and Ram Kapoor, but due to less screenspace, his characters seem to have gone away. Overall this is a drummatic film in which you are told that even a common man can become a scamster.

Why see: Everyone knows the story of the scandal of Harshad Mehta, but still can watch this film for the performance of Abhishek Bachchan.


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