Dharmendra and his family are fans all over the world. After Dharmendra and his sons Sunny and Bobby, their third generation i.e. Karan Deol has also appeared in films. However, pictures of women in his family are rarely seen on social media. Come, let’s see unseen pictures of Deol family with their mothers on Mother’s Day. (All Pics: Instagram)

Karan Deol shared a picture with his mother

On Mother’s Day, Karan Deol shared pictures with his mother Pooja Deol on social media. Karan and his younger brother Rajveer are also seen in this picture along with Pooja.

Few pictures of Pooja Deol have been revealed

Karan has also shared this photo on Mother’s Day. In this, he is seen with his father Sunny and mother Pooja Deol. By the way, pictures of Pooja Deol have come out in the media very less.

Unseen picture of Dharmendra’s mother

Hardly anyone in the Deol family has seen a picture of Dharmendra’s mother. This picture was shared by Sunny Deol. In this, Sunny Deol is seen with his grandmother, Satwant Kaur, the mother of Dharmendra.

Sunny-Bobby spends his life on mother Prakash Kaur

Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol have shared many pictures on social media with their mother Prakash Kaur. These pictures reveal how much Sunny and Bobby love their mother.

Bobby is the mother’s mother

Being a small mother, Prakash Kaur loves Bobby Deol very much. This picture was shared by Bobby Deol with his mother after winning the Best Actor Award on Instagram.

Esha Deol is Hema’s darling

Hema Malini may be Dharmendra’s second wife, but she is part of his family. Both Dharmendra’s daughters Esha and Ahana also die on their mother. In this picture, Esha Deol is seen with her mother Hema Malini.


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