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Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh recently confirmed that he is joining forces with filmmaker Shankar for the Hindi remake of Vikram-starrer Tamil hit Anniyan. However, post the announcement, Ranveer’s film stirred a controversy when Anniyan producer V Ravichandran penned an open letter in which he blasted Shankar and claimed that any adoption, remaking or copying the main plot of Anniyan without his permission, is totally illegal as he is the sole owner of the rights of the storyline.


In response, Shankar snapped back at him with an official statement in which he alleged that Ravichandran’s claims were an attempt to jeopardize his future projects. The 2.0 director also said that the script of Anniyan vests with him and he is entitled to exploit the same in any manner he deems fit.

In a tete-a-tete with Pinkvilla, V Ravichandran has now opened up about his further course of action.

The producer said that he is the rightful owner of Anniyan and has all the records which filmmaker Shankar does not have. Ravichandra revealed that he was shocked when he saw the Hindi remake announcement and said that Anniyan is his baby.

Pinvilla quoted the producer as saying, “I am the father and mother of the movie, and everyone in the industry knows that. As a producer the movie is censored in the name of Oscar Films Pvt Ltd (his production house). I am the rightful holder, I spent on everything and have the records, which Shankar does not. As per my agreement with him, he rendered his services only as a director just for the Tamil film, and I am the actual owner of Anniyan. Finally Anniyan is my baby. I had paid Sujatha for dialogue writing and story discussion. Even if you speak to any producer in Bollywood, they would vouch for me. I have been in the business for more than three decades now, but not once I have fought with anyone. But when I saw this Hindi remake announcement I was really shocked. Anniyan is my baby, and I am taking the legal route. “

He further added, “The South Indian Film Chamber also called asking for the letter which I have sent it to them. I have reached out to the Producers Council too. After directing boys, Shankar was sitting at home for two years. But I went to him, and then he came to my office and we discussed Anniyan. I spent the most on that film, including on the dubbing, satellite and the copyright, and he is simply saying that it’s his story. I don’t know what to say. “

On being asked if Shankar got in touch with him post his open letter, Ravichandran replied, “No. In fact, I produced two films with him, Anniyan and I (2015 Tamil action-thriller). Even when I lost so much money on the latter, I didn’t say a word because that’s how the business works. And even Shankar worked so hard for that film, but the public didn’t accept it. So we can’t do much about it. “

Speaking about Anniyan, the 2005 Tamil psychological action thriller starred Vikram as a law-abiding lawyer who suffers from multiple personality disorder that stems from societal corruption, and unrequited love.

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