‘Bigg Boss’ fame Rakhi Sawant (Rakhi Sawant) is well known for his style. There is a tinge of laughter in everything he says. Rakhi has returned to Mumbai after shooting for ‘Indian Idol 12’ in Daman. On returning to Mumbai on Wednesday, Rakhi has said something that is being discussed a lot. Rakhi now has Coronavirus (Coronavirus) Compare Yoga Guru Ramdev (Ramdev) has been done. She had reached Andheri area for yoga class on Tuesday evening.

‘Corona means absolutely Baba Ramdev like ji’
The funny thing is that Rakhi Sawant not only compared Kovid-19 with Ramdev, but herself also told why she is saying this. Talking to the paparazzi, Rakhi said, ‘My God, this is Corona, isn’t it… Corona means exactly like Baba Ramdev ji.’ Before Rakhi was asked why she was saying this, Rakhi herself answered it.

‘Sometimes it comes, sometimes it hides’
Rakhi continued her point and said, ‘Corona sometimes comes, sometimes it hides, sometimes it goes out…’ There was laughter as Rakhi said this. Rakhi was wearing a polka dot sleeveless top during this time. She adds, ‘Hey, I look so dirty.’ Yoga guru Ramdev has also been in constant discussion for the past few days. He has clashed with the IMF in the fight for Ayurvedic Banak Allopathy. There is a lot of resentment among the doctors about Ramdev.

Uncle’s Rakhi was staring at the class
Rakhi is constantly in the news for her funny conversations with the paparazzi for some time in the lockdown. She usually steps out of the house every day and is spotted outside the coffee shop. In the past, he had also given a class to an uncle staring at him on the road. Rakhi had said, ‘Oh uncle, what are you seeing, have you never seen a girl?’

Rakhi Sawant got angry at ‘Uncle ji’ staring on the road, said – have never seen the girl

Rakhi’s married life is also in discussion
Rakhi Sawant was last seen on TV in ‘Bigg Boss 14’. During this, she was also in a lot of discussion about her married life. Rakhi told that her husband’s name is Ritesh, but this relationship is only to be told. The special thing is that no one has seen Rakhi’s husband Ritesh yet. On this, Rakhi even revealed that Ritesh left her only after marriage and he did not return.

Rakhi Sawant came out in support of Pearl V Puri, said – even if God speaks, I will not believe that she raped


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