Dr. Sanket Bhosale, a popular comedian and Dr. Sanket Bhosale, recently wrote ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ (The Kapil Sharma Show) Got married to Fame Sugandha Mishra. The two had been dating each other for a long time and the marriage was also postponed by 2-3. But finally Sanket Bhosale and Sugandha Mishra on 26 April (Sanket Bhosale Sugandha mishra marriage) took seven rounds in Jalandhar.

Sugandha and Sanket Bhosle have been engaged on social media for their engagement with mehndi and turmeric since marriage.Sanket Bhosale Sugandha Mishra wedding photos) Are sharing pictures and videos up to the wedding, which are in discussion. Recently Sugandha Mishra shared a video of their engagement, in which Sanket is seen crying Bhosle.

In fact, in the video, Sanket Bhosle, the wife gives a touching speech about Sugandha Mishra and her throat is strangled as she speaks. He starts crying. Sugandha immediately wipes her tears and makes her silent.

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In the video, Sanket Bhosale is saying, ‘For Sugandha, I say one thing from the very beginning that you are very dangerous. According to me, all girls should be dangerous. But no girl can be as dangerous as Sugandha that you fall in love with her. It is very much a pleasure. I could not understand that I … ‘As soon as I said this, Bhosle started crying.

Sugandha Mishra then lovingly wipes Sanket Bhosle’s tears and hugs him. This video has been shared by Sugandha on her Instagram account (Sugandha Mishra Instagram) and has written a cute caption. Seeing this video, Sanket Bhosle was surprised and commented, ‘This video was not to be posted.’

Instagram @ sugandhamishra23

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20-25 people involved in marriage, love story was started like this

Due to the corona epidemic, only 20-25 people attended the wedding of Sugandha Mishra and Sanket Bhosle and everyone was subjected to a corona test. Talking about the love story, Sugandha had said in a conversation with our colleague Times of India that she and Sanket were good friends. Feeling for each other came in their minds when the news of dating started coming. After the news of dating, his family followed him and said that both of them should get married soon.


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