In the second wave of Corona, where cases of infected are increasing rapidly, on the other hand, there is a lack of oxygen. A large number of patients have lost their lives due to lack of oxygen. In such a situation, Actress Shefali Jariwala has done a prodding (what is proning and how to do it), which helps to increase the oxygen levels of patients infected with Kovid.

Shefali Jariwala on her Instagram account (Shefali Jariwala Instagram), In which he has explained the entire process of processing as well as showing it practically. In the video, Shefali Jariwala is saying, ‘If you are infected kovid and your oxygen level is fluctuating, then you do proning. Proening improves the level of oxygen in your blood. You need a matress, mat or yoga mat and some pillows for this. ‘

What is prone? What is Proning?

In the video, Shefali Jariwala has shown 3 posing positions, which can be done for about half an hour. Explain that if the oxygen level of corona infected patients starts dropping below 94%, then the pruning process helps a lot in that. In view of the acute oxygen shortage and deaths, the Ministry of Health recently suggested some methods of pronation for patients who are having trouble breathing and decreasing oxygen levels. The force is rolled and the face is placed downwards. Pillows are used in this process.


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