This time Bollywood If we name the biggest producers of Karan Johar And Ekta Kapoor The name will definitely be included. Both belong to film families and have known each other since childhood. However, some years ago some such headlines were also revealed that both of them are preparing to marry each other. However, no one had confirmed this news.

Both had expressed their desire to marry
Although now the discussion of Karan and Ekta’s marriage is almost over, but in an interview, both of them had definitely talked about it. In an interview in the year 2006-07, Karan Johar had said that if he did not find anyone else, he would love to marry Ekta. In response, Ekta had said that she too would like to marry Karan.
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Ekta had asked- when will Karan Johar propose?
Karan had said, “I don’t think I will ever be able to find the right partner and neither will Ekta find someone else, then we will both get married to each other.” On hearing this, Ekta said, ‘I would love to marry Karan. So when are they proposing me? Whenever we meet, we hug each other like old friends. Karan is my closest friend in the film industry. I do not have friends in Bollywood because I am much closer to TV people. ‘
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Both surrogacy have become single parents
Karan had also jokingly said that seeing Ekta as his daughter-in-law, his mother Hiroo Johar would also be very happy as it would tell him the story of his favorite TV shows beforehand. By the way, the discussion of Karan and Ekta’s marriage is over as both have become single parents through surrogacy. Karan’s twins are named Yash and Ruhi while Ekta’s son is named Ravi Kapoor.


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