Sushmita Sen is one of those actresses who know how to speak on the cool public front. He had said that many times he has to deal with problems like molestation among the public. He narrated one such incident in the year 2018, when Sushmita Sen held the boy’s hand.

Sushmita Sen Women’s Safety But while sharing his talk, he shared an anecdote in the year 2018, in which he told how a boy in the crowd had touched him in the wrong way and the actress grabbed his hand.

Sushmika had said in this interview, ‘There are absolutely no unsafe in small cities and the news about them does not reach you everyday. But I am a woman and have been in public for the last 25 years… and many times people have said that you know what happens to women in our country. Bodyguards hang around with you, you have many such facilities so that you stay protected. Let me tell you that while 2 people have molested you, as a public eye, we deal with hundreds of men, even if women are with 10 bodyguards. ‘

He said that often such misbehavior happens to us and we have to know exactly how it all happens. In his interview given in the year 2018, he had mentioned a similar incident and said, ‘The last time what happened was about 6 months ago. I was in an award function. 15 year old boy, yes 15 years … and since there were so many men, he thought I would not know who he was. And that’s why I say that you must learn something for your self-defense … because it keeps you very alert. ‘

He further said, ‘I held her hand. When I pulled his hand in front, I was surprised to see that he was a small boy. 15 years old. By the way, I take many actions for this type of action, since he was 15 years old, I grabbed him by the shoulder and it seemed that I was calling him Hello and then took him on the walk. All over the crowd. I told him if I just took action against you then your life will be over baby. He kept saying- I did not, I did not. I said no child, you did it. You accept that you did. He said – I am sorry. I said – you know, your life will be spoiled. He said – I promise that I will never do it again. I did not take action against him because I knew that the 15-year-old boy does not understand that it is a crime, not entertainment. ‘

Talking about the professional front, Sushmita Sen is preparing for the next party of her web series ‘Arya’. His daughter Rini has recently made an acting debut with a short film ‘Sutabaji’.


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