This funny picture of a Pune cafe’s menu has left the internet in splits.


  • A cafe in Pune has mentioned some hilarious things on its menu
  • They are an enlisted set of do’s and don’ts for visitors
  • The funny picture was a hit with Twitter users

After a tumultuous year of surviving the Coronavirus pandemic, restaurants and cafes are slowly opening doors to customers and witnessing increased footfall. The frequency of dining out is steadily rising, as patrons gain the confidence to eat at their favorite restaurants while practicing social distancing and managing proper hygiene. Eateries are ensuring stringent checks and balances for visitors in order to ensure a hassle-free dining experience for everyone. However, one café in Pune took the internet by surprise with its bizarre list of dos and don’ts (mostly the latter) for customers. Take a look at the tweet here:

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“What happened here,” questioned Twitter user @zhavanchongya while sharing the picture. The click was from a restaurant called the Irani café located in Pune. The eatery is well-known for serving delicious and quick bites while being budget-friendly.

In the photo of the menu, there were enlisted nearly two dozen activities that were prohibited in the restaurant’s premises. The list started with generic caveats such as ‘no smoking’, ‘no outside food’ and ‘no bargaining’. However, there were quite a few bizarre items such as ‘no discussing gambling’ and ‘no brushing teeth’. Things such as sleeping, combing, and brushing teeth were also forbidden by the Pune cafe owners. ‘No free advice’ and ‘No flirting with cashier’ were among the hilarious list of things disallowed as per the menu.

The funny list of things by the Pune café was a hit with Twitter users, receiving over 1.6k likes and counting. Several hundreds of users left their responses in the comments section. “Need to go to Pune for this cafe only,” wrote one user while another said, “No breathing too?”

Take a look at some of the best reactions:

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While the epic list by the Pune café did grab some eyeballs on the internet, one thing we found amiss was the inclusion of social distancing measures. It would be interesting to see a similar list by other restaurants suited to the post-Covid world. What do you think restaurants should prohibit visitors from doing in the times we are living in? Tell us your responses in the comments below!

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