Washington, April 9 (PTI) India’s great batsman Rahul Dravid has said that ‘data’ (statistics), which helps in strategy and selection of players in cricket, should encourage good competition.

Dravid said at the 15th MIT Sloan Sports Analysis Conference, “Data has a special place in cricket, just like baseball, but in the last 15 years, instead of comparing averages, we are using it in strategy and player selection. ”

The topic of the first discussion on cricket at the MIT conference, ‘Hausdata: How Analytics is Revolving Cricket (How cricket is revolutionizing analysis through statistics)’, discussed the use of statistics for the betterment of cricket.

Former India coach and former South African batsman Gary Kirsten and former England women’s team cricketer and current commentator Isha Guha also attended. Its director was Alok Singh, director of Dell Technology.

Dravid said, “The day is not far when people will stop taking a single because the matchup tells them that they can hit a six in the next two or three balls.”

He, however, also said that the data should be used for good competition between the ball and bat, not just hitting fours and sixes.

Guha said how every ball has become important since the arrival of T20 cricket. He also said that young players can now use technology better to understand the profile of opposing players and can formulate a strategy against them.



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