Former Australia Test cricketer Stuart McGill was allegedly abducted from his home in Sydney last month but released an hour later. Australian media gave this information on Wednesday.

New South Wales Police have referred to the alleged kidnapping victim on April 14 as a 50-year-old man. Media reports, including newspapers from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and News Corp, identified the victim as McGill. The media said that McGill was stopped by a man on the road in the northern part of Sydney, and then two more men came and forcibly dumped the former cricketer into the car. McGill accused Marino Sotiropoulos, his brother’s recent partner, Maria O’Miger’s brother.

McGill was reportedly moved to the southwestern part of Sydney and was moved to another location after the alleged assault and then later released. New South Wales Police said in the release that they were informed of an incident on 20 April.

The police said in the statement that the robbery and serious crime department subsequently conducted an investigation and that four persons, aged 27, 29, 42 and 46, were arrested on Wednesday morning at six o’clock local time. Those arrested were taken to the local police station and charges will be laid against them. The names of the arrested persons are not immediately disclosed. Former leg-spinner McGill played 44 Tests for Australia between 1988 and 2008 and took 208 wickets during this period.



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