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The battered Caribbean batsman Chris Gayle has a very different style. He is very active on social media and keeps posting his photos continuously. Along with this, he also makes funny comments on the posts of many colleagues. Gayle has made one such funny comment on the picture of former England cricket Kevin Pietersen. Peterson had posted a picture of him from the Maldives and Gayle trolled him on this photo.

This funny conversation between Gayle and Peterson took place on Twitter and the fans also enjoyed the debate of these two cricket players. Chris Gayle commented on Peterson’s picture with his physique.

It was a Saturday when Peterson posted a shirtless picture of himself from the Maldives. After returning from the gym, the 40-year-old Peterson shared his photo on social media while thumbs up after the gym. Many fans started praising this English cricketer. He also liked this retired cricketer’s physique.

However, Chris Gayle, who calls himself Universe boss, did not like this photo of Peterson. He reacted differently to Peterson’s picture. Gayle commented that Peterson had his stomach drawn inside to show his body better.

Gayle said that Pietersen’s eyes are very bad when viewed. Kevin Pietersen captioned the picture, ‘The Red List.’ This was probably indicative of England’s decision to put the Maldives in the Red List Country. This meant that any citizen coming from these countries would have to stay in the hotel through the Quarantine after returning to England.



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