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The epidemic corona virus has returned once again amidst intense vaccination in the country. This time his speed is faster than before. This is the reason why many night curfews are being imposed in many cities across the country. Meanwhile, the Indian Premier League (IPL) is scheduled to take place and there are only a few hours left at the start of the tournament.

Should the IPL be held in the midst of a deadly pandemic or should the tournament be postponed? All the readers of Navbharat Times Online have given their views on this. However, on the survey conducted through the website and Twitter, most people believe that the tournament should be postponed.

It is noteworthy that in the last 24 hours in Maharashtra, 59,907 new cases of corona were reported, 30,296 people recovered and 322 deaths occurred. With the new figures, the total corona cases in the state have gone up to 31,73,261 and deaths have touched the figure of 56,652. The impact of the epidemic in Mumbai is slightly more acute, while all the teams are preparing in this city.

Not only this, after the Wankhede Stadium got the green signal to host 10 matches of the upcoming season of the Indian Premier League (IPL), there have been three more cases of corona virus infection on the premises, including two fielders and a plumber. Earlier on Saturday, 10 field workers were reported to be infected with Corona virus. The IPL season will begin in Chennai on April 9, while the first match in Mumbai will be played on April 10. Let us see how many percent of the people involved in the survey are in favor of the tournament and how many in the opposition …

Results of the survey conducted on the web site

  • Yes, the risk is increasing: 47.58%
  • No, there are strong security measures: 47.02%
  • Can’t say anything: 5.40%

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Results of survey conducted on Twitter

  • Yes, the risk is increasing: 60.2%
  • No, arrangement is complete: 34.7%
  • Can’t say anything: 5.1%

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