Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma has stated that since the hamstring injury sustained during the last IPL, his body needs to be ‘fairly well maintained’ so that he remains fully fit. Rohit missed out on some IPL matches last year and the initial part of the India Tour of Australia.

He said in the video ‘Captain’s Corner’, taken on Twitter by Mumbai Indians, “I have been doing this for the last three to four months. I was injured in the last IPL (Rohit Sharma Injured in IPL), so my lower part of my body needs a lot of maintenance.

Talking about the hard work being done by the players after the defeat of Mumbai Indians in the first match, Rohit said, ‘We are proud of it. We work hard on fitness. Whether the matches are lost or won, but preparation is important.

He said, ‘Some of the fast bowlers who played Tuesday’s matches came for fitness practice. It is always good and we are proud of it. We put in extra effort and that is why we get results. ‘

Rohit said about the mutual synergy of the team, ‘We do things as a group only. Go out, play matches, fitness exercises or meetings. We try to do as a group. There is a lot of talk about the game and it keeps pace.

He said, ‘Every year new faces and staff come in the team and we want all Mumbai Indians to be able to adapt to the culture. It is important to have mutual solidarity. ‘

Rohit, who has played 200 IPL matches so far, said, ‘This is a good record. Hopefully I can play 200 more. ‘ Mumbai Indians now have to play Kolkata Knight Riders on Tuesday.

Rohit Sharma said that special care has to be taken after hamstring (Photo: Mumbai Indians Twitter)



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