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Bangladesh-born writer Taslima Nasreen is once again in controversy. And this time the reason is his tweet about England cricketer Moin Ali. In his controversial tweet, Taslima had said that if Ali had not been a cricketer, he might have gone to Syria to become a part of the terrorist organization ISIS. It is obvious that there was a ruckus about this, so there was a chaos. Taslima was criticized by many people on social media, from Moin’s fellow players in the England team.

Moin Ali is an important part of the England team. He has been playing cricket for England for many years. When this comment was made on Moeen, England fast bowler Joffra Archer first targeted Tasleema. Moin is in India to play the 14th season of the Indian Premier League. He is part of the Chennai Super Kings this time. At the same time, Archer has not been able to connect with his team Rajasthan Royals due to injury.

Why did Taslima tweet

However, it is not clear what was the reason behind this controversial tweet by Taslima. But this is seen to be related to the news about Moin which said that he has requested the Chennai Super Kings to remove the logo of the alcohol company on his jersey. Which was also agreed to be accepted by the team management. However, it was later clarified by the Chennai Super Kings that Ali had not made any such request. Team CEO Kashi Vishwanathan had said that his team has not received any such request from Moin Ali. However, the tweet was later deleted by Taslima.

What was the whole matter
So now the question arises that what was the whole matter? First of all know what Taslima wrote. On Monday, Taslima’s tweet created a ruckus in which he wrote, “If Moeen Ali had not been associated with cricket, he would have joined Syria to go to ISIS.” After this uproar on Monday, Taslima tweeted another on Tuesday. In this, he gave his clarification on the matter. He wrote, ‘Let the haters know well that my tweet about Moin Ali was done in a joking manner. But they made it a means of harassing me because I try to make Muslim society secular and oppose Muslim bigotry. Humanity’s greatest sufferings also include that pro-women leftists also support anti-women Islamists. ‘

How did Moin’s teammates respond
Jofra Archer responded to the tweet, ‘Are you okay? I don’t think you’re alright? ‘ After this he further wrote, ‘Sarcastic? Nobody is laughing, not you too, you should have at least deleted this tweet. ‘

Ali is born in England
Moin Ali was born in 1987 in Birmingham. He said in an interview a few years ago, ‘I want to tell people that I am Muslim and British too. I am proud of both of them. I want the Asian kids to see me and realize that they can make a career in cricket. ‘

When the dispute with Moeen
In the 2014 Southampton Test against India, he wore a wristbands slogan of ‘Azad Palestine’. Many people were offended by this.

When Dean Jones made objectionable remarks on Hashim Amla
Former Australian cricketer Dean Jones called South African cricketer Hashim Amla a ‘terrorist’. In August 2006, when Hashim Amla was caught during a match between South Africa and Sri Lanka during the commentary, Dean Jones heard in the live commentary that, ‘Terrorist got another wicket’.

After this, Jones came under target. He made some excuses but that did not work. He had said that he felt that advertisements were running at that time, otherwise he did not intend to hurt everyone by saying so. The broadcaster immediately canceled his contract. Jones then apologized to Hashim Amla several times after that. Jones died last year due to a heart attack.



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