Moeen Ali Known as a good cricketer watching the game and fellow players as a decent, shy and gentle teammate. Left-handed batsman and useful off-spinner Moeen is in the news these days. The reason is not sports. The reason is a tweet by Bangladeshi-origin writer Taslima Nasreen. The tweet which he later deleted but by then he had sparked controversy. The tweet had something similar to it.

Taslima wrote that if Moeen Ali had not been a cricketer, he would have gone to Syria and become a part of ISIS. Now it is not a matter of telling what is ISIS? It is the largest terrorist organization in the world. Taslima had so much to say that users came under target on social media. Moeen’s fellow cricketer Jofra Archer was at the forefront. However, voices from other corners of the cricket world were scarce. In the 2014 Test match against India, he arrived in Southampton wearing Save Gaza and Free Palestine wristbands. He was forbidden to do so by match referee David Boon. But today we will talk about Moin’s childhood. When he was intentionally tried to crush the car.

Moin had told in one of his interviews that he spoke when he was 13–14 years old. In an interview to the Guardian of England, he told how he was tried to kill him by crushing him with a car.

He said, ‘He was an Asian man. So it cannot be racist. Provided he considered me white because I was too fair. But I don’t know why he did it. ‘

His father Munir, the child of a Pakistani father and British mother, had told Cricinfo, ‘He must have been around 13 years old. He was coming home from school. A car came quickly towards Moin. She missed him and slipped and stopped. The driver was an Asian man. Moeen reveals that he had never seen her before. Nor ever seen it thereafter. He opened the player and, while abusing, brought the car in reverse and hit Moeen with the car. Moeen was pushed aside. The car hit the edge of the sidewalk. The collision was so fast the car overturned. A shopkeeper called me. When I run and reach there, I see that Moin is crying and a lot of blood is coming out of her leg. ‘

Moeen felt it was an accident. He tried to see the driver. But soon he came to know the truth. It was not an accident. Munir had recalled, “He said something and also said,” You are lucky that I did not kill him. ” On hearing this, he understood that this was done intentionally. I hit her jaw and nose. I never got so angry. ‘

Moeen thought that his father would kill the man. But people gathered and they intervened. After this, the police came and took statements. And the next day, Moin’s statement was also recorded in the school. However, no further talk was made with the family about the incident.



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