In June last year, there was a violent clash between India and China over the Galvan Valley. 20 Indian soldiers were martyred in the incident. The Chinese soldiers had to face the face of the Indian soldiers. Although China tried its best to hide the truth, but it came to the fore that more than 45 of its soldiers lost their lives. Since then, China has started increasing its strength on the LAC.

A one-stage disengagement between the two countries has been done in the Pangaso area, but there are still many areas where the talks have not reached a critical point. Still, the deadlock continues in the areas of Gogra Hot Spring, Depsang and Demchok (South). These are the areas where the 12-round Corps Commander level meeting is to be held. Meanwhile, there are constant inputs that China has bought new weapons and accessories for its army completely in the areas of Ladhak. This includes not only tanks, cannons but also new rocket launchers. We tell you what are the weapons that China has installed in its western theater in the last one year.

Capable of working even at 16,000 feet

All terrain vehicle: China has recently purchased new All Terrain Vehicles that can operate at an altitude of 5000 meters (16500 ft). This new vehicle can comfortably carry up to 1.5 tonnes of luggage separately on 35 degree slopes.

landmine removal robot

High altitude Explosive Ordnance Disposal and observation robot: These robots can not only do the work of removing the landmine at high altitude alone. Not only this, these robots can also do the work of data gathering and monitoring.

state-of-the-art armored vehicle

ZBL-09 BMP: The Armored Type 63 Armored Person Carrier currently being used by China in Eastern Ladakh has been replaced by the new ZBL-09 also known as ‘Snow leopard’. This armored vehicle has a seating capacity of 3 crew and 7 to 10 soldiers. This car has a door from behind. If you want to get out of it in an emergency, then it can be removed from the top of this vehicle. This vehicle also has a firing pit for the soldiers sitting inside. Bullets can also be fired from here. The main gun of this vehicle is 30 mm, while a 7.62 mm machine gun is also attached. It also has 2 anti-tank guided missiles.

Rocket-missiles also deployed

PHL-11 122 mm multi barrel rocket launcher: China has deployed Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher PHL-11 122 mm. Can fire 40 rockets at a time. Recently it was practiced by China in the region of Tibet. This launcher has 122 mm rockets.

HQ-17 Missile (anti aircraft missile ): China’s Anti Aircraft Regiment near the LAC has been equipped with HQ-17 surface-to-air missile that can hit any air target from a distance of 12 km. Not only this, it is automatic, once loaded, it can run automatically. GBP-128 Rkt Blaster: China is also going to bring a new rocket blaster to launch the rocket. With this, China will replace the already existing Type-84 Rkt Blaster & Type-87 Rkt Blaste.

new aircraft instead of old

China’s Air Force is engaged in replacing the old J-7 aircraft at all its bases near the LAC. This aircraft is one of the oldest aircraft in China. China took it from Russia. They are almost exactly the same as the MIG-21. But now China has made a plan to change all these. It will be completed by 2022. The special thing is that China will replace all these with its best aircraft J-16 and J20. These are the fourth and fifth generation aircraft. At present, the Chinese army is using about 300-350 J7 aircraft. But China is working on deploying state-of-the-art aircraft on the Western Command.

Z-20 and MI17 choppers

China not only did a big exercise of Z-20 helicopter capable of working in the last days, but also deployed this helicopter which plays many roles. China has recently purchased three versions of 500 Mi-17 helicopters from Russia. China has got 140 helicopters. As soon as they arrived, China sent a large consignment to the Western Theater. Apart from this, China’s 6th Mechanized Infantry Division and Special Operations Brigade are also deployed. At the same time, the 2nd Artillery Brigade, which are all special and new technology artillery, are stationed there. Along with 13th Air Defense Brigade and an engineer 3rd Aviation Brigade, many of its intelligence and logistics units have also been activated.

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