The third phase vaccination will start from May 1. This vaccine is very important for everyone. It was found that even after taking the vaccine, if the corona occurs, then its effect is very mild. Death rate after taking the vaccine is almost zero.

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You may not get the vaccine from tomorrow where you are, but it is important to know that vaccination is very important. In the UK and India, it was found that even after taking the vaccine, if the corona occurs, then its effect is very mild. Death rate after taking the vaccine is almost zero. That is, the effect of the vaccine is that it is saving lives. That is, it has been proved statistically and scientifically that the vaccine is very important.

Now keep this in mind that the vaccine has to be taken. Now people of 18 plus should understand how to take the vaccine. So far, only registration is aloud but, in a day or two, it can also open in private. At present, only about fifteen and a half crore doses have been given and the number of people to be given further will not be completed in a month.

Maybe someone will get the vaccine soon. Someone will be late, the speed of vaccination has reached 20 lakhs. Also double the speed. Which is very difficult, then 10 crore people can be given the vaccine in a month. According to this, it will take 10 to 12 months to get all the people vaccinated.

Vaccination is most important

Maybe if you go to the private vaccination center, you can bring your number first. But there will have to see the availability there too, this is such a big campaign that laxity, bestiality, delay can be everything. But you have to be patient because if there is a crowd at the vaccination center then black marketing will start and take care that you do not get caught in all this. Even if it is late, get the vaccine only from the Government or Authorized Vaccination Center. Do not let the laxity that has been done in the last 6 months. Because in two-three months, so many people will get vaccinated that the kovid risk will be reduced. So do not go to the hospital without registration and do not rush.

Which vaccine is better?

It is also a matter of concern that there is a question in people’s mind that which vaccine is better? Which vaccine is also safer? So let us tell you that Kovishield and Kovaxin are being given in India so far. But from tomorrow, ie May 1, Russia’s Sputnik-V vaccine will also be given to the people here. Now the question will be in your mind, what is the difference between these three?

  • Kovishield’s afficacy rate is up to 80 percent with certain conditions, while Kovaxin has 81 percent. But the Russian vaccine Sputnik-V has an effectiveness of 91.6 percent. Meaning it will be most effective.
  • Know some more technical differences of these vaccines. The interval of two doses of Kovishield is 8 weeks. There is a difference of 21-90 days between two doses of covaxine, while the duration of two doses of Sputnik-V is 4-8 weeks.
  • Kovishield and covaxine are stored at a temperature of 2 to 8 degrees but, the dry form of Sputnik-V is kept at 2 to 8 degrees. While the liquid form is kept at a temperature of minus 18.55 degrees.

Vaccine price

Government hospitals are free for Kovishield and Kovaxin 45 Plus. Both vaccines are worth Rs 250 in private hospitals. But in states Kovishield will be given to people aged 18-44 for 300 rupees and Kovaxin 400 rupees per dose. At the same time, the price of Sputnik-V has not been announced yet. Although it is being sold around the world for about 750 rupees.

How does Sputnik-V work?

Generally the same drug is given in both doses of any vaccine, but both doses of Sputnik-V contain different drugs, which makes it more effective. Its single dose also provides more than 87 percent protection against disease and like other vaccines, it is also 100 percent capable of preventing death from corona.

Meanwhile, another good research has come to light that someone who once defeated the corona virus ie who has recovered from infection. A dose of vaccine is enough for him. It is indeed a big deal because it can change the vaccination strategy of many countries. This study can also prove to be a boon for India fighting the second wave of Corona, because India is also facing a shortage of vaccine doses at this time.

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