Just last month, Anupam Kher told that Kirron Kher, multiple myeloma, is suffering from a type of blood cancer. Now Kiran is seen for the first time between treatments.

Anupam Kher and Kiran Kher

Kirron Kher is undergoing treatment for blood cancer these days. Last month, Anupam Kher had told that Kiran is suffering from multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer. Kiran is now seen for the first time after treatment. Actually, Anupam Kher arrived on Friday to have the second dose of Kovid vaccine. During this, mother and wife Kiran were also involved with him.

Anupam shared the photos with everyone and wrote, we have got the second dose of our Kovid vaccine. Mommy is the bravest. Chanting Om Namah Shivaya helped me a lot and maybe Kiran, sister-in-law and brother too. Stay at home and get vaccinated.

Kiran wore a white suit and is wearing a white mask during this time. During this, Kiran is looking very sick. Apart from this, fracture has also occurred in Kiran’s hand.

See Kiran Kher’s photo here see kirron kher post

Anupam gave Kiran’s health update

A few days ago Anupam gave Kiran’s health update. He had said, ‘My dear friends, thank you very much for all your wishes, love and support. The prayers that you have prayed for Kiran to get well soon. All these things have increased our spirits. We hope that Kiran will come out after battling this phase and leave her illness behind. You have a lot of emotional support. Thank you to Kiran, Alexander and all of you. Kiran’s condition is now better than before.

American show left for Kiran

Kiran has been undergoing treatment for blood cancer for some time. Anupam, in a difficult time, does not want to leave Kiran’s side, so Anupam has recently refused to do the American TV channel NBC’s series New Amsterdam. For Anupam, Kiran’s health is the first and he decided to leave this show and take care of Kiran.

Please tell that Anupam was playing the character of Doctor Vijay Kapoor in this series. This is a medical drama series. Whose third season is coming on TV these days. This series starts with the cases of Kovid 19. Which is a terrible truth of the whole world these days.

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