DMX has been struggling since Friday night after suffering from an overdose, experiencing a heart attack and ending up in critical condition in the ICU of the White Plains Hospital. Two days later, the Ruff Ryders Biker Gang shows up at the hospital to support and pay their tribute to their fellow Ruff Ryder.

The energy was lively, filled with loud DMX music and prayers for the beloved rapper. Journalist and reporter, Lisa Evers of Fox 5 was on scene to catch. the moment when the Ruff Ryders biker gang pulled up at the hospital. The rapper is still in critical condition but has been rumored to be taken off of life support.


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Ruff Ryders: A Simple Definition

Ruff Ryders is an urban street hip hop collective and label started by Joaquin “Waah” Dean and Darin Dean. It was run as an underground project and was originally formed out of a South Central Los Angeles recording studio. It was mostly run by the sisters Chivon and Dee. In 1997 it moved to the Palos Verdes area of Los Angeles and opened a small shop. It began to be known as Ruff Ryders when it began to gain recognition nationally. It has been said that the origin of the name stemmed from the school” Ruff,” meaning rhymes with “rod,” and “reck,” a gun.

Ruff Ryders

Members of the group are mostly from the hood and they have adopted various names to represent themselves such as House Didd, House Dozzy, House Rock and Roll, House Rottweiler or Reggae. The most notable member of the group is Dee Jay, who goes by the stage name Cash Money. He has also gone by the name Cash Cow, Saucemack, zie Sizemore, Slava threatens, Slava Gubana and several other aliases. The other members are: Pimp C, P Diddy, Pharrell, Jay Dilla, Clipse, K-Rino, Nelly, Scarface and several others. They perform mostly at bars and clubs in their area called the Venice Beach circuit.

The members of the group prefer relatively simple clothes and accessories. Members have adopted a style of wearing suits with pants in tan, khakis and white t-shirts. Members can also sport graphic tees such as Reggae, Rhyme Tunes or Easytone. Members are known to wear different kinds of bling including rhinestone jewelry, silver jewelry, chains, gold necklaces, beaded jewelry and hats.

Members have been able to write and perform their own songs. These songs have made their popularity to the world. Some of these songs have been hit in the US Top 100 chart. There have been other songs that went to number one in the UK and other parts of Europe.

The Royal Regards

The members of this group were named “The Royal Regards”, after their mentor Mr. Sam Hanks who is known to teach them the art of rapping. The songs that the group has released are all original. Most of the music is based from rap beats. Unlike other rappers, these members did not start off with rapping. They first took guitar lessons and learned how to play.

Ripper is known to be a producer and a singer

Ripper is known to be a producer and a singer. He sings mainly about women. Some of his albums have made very good copies of popular music in the US and throughout the world. This group has also worked with big names such as Ice-T and Chamillionaire. Chamillionaire saw Ripper while he was performing at a party in Las Vegas. He was impressed by his skills and hired him to become his manager.

Other members of Ripper have since joined other well known rap groups. Members Bong-Ra, P-Dee and Voodoo Child are known to collaborate with artists such as 50 Cent and Jay Z. Chamillionaire even used Ripper’s music on his song.

The biggest musical group

In 2021, it was reported that Chamillionaire had sold a whopping $2 million worth of music to different companies. With Chamillionaire, Ripper and Bong-Ra, they formed what is considered to be one of the biggest musical groups in the world today. This group has also been responsible for producing some of the best hip-hop singles ever. These members have also been responsible for influencing music videos and producing some of the most popular music videos of all time.

Members of Ripper have been in the limelight since the early nineties. Members Bong-Ra and P-Dee have been responsible for putting out some of the most talked about videos of that era. Videos from that era show the rippers at their most ridiculous, such as performing a crotch grab in the middle of a crowded room or doing the bunny dance. There is no doubt that these members were talented. Even if they were not as talented as the members who are still going strong, their presence was undeniable.

One of the greatest comedians of our time is Robin Williams. When he was starring on Frasier, he often parodied Ripper. Onscreen, he portrayed the character in a way that made you laugh, which is exactly how he should be. It seems like he enjoyed playing the role so much that he has consistently featured it in subsequent shows, as well as in various other movies and television roles. His fans continue to buy shirts, posters and blankets featuring his hilarious depiction of Ripper.

If you have never seen Ripper, you really should take the time to see it. A trip down memory lane is always great. Even if you never think that you will enjoy watching a movie about the 1980s cult comedy classic, you should. Just as with so many other cult comedies of the past, you will find that Ripper is a cult comedy classic. Buy a shirt, a poster or a blanket and show your support for this funny classic.


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