Sultry songstress K. Michelle experienced one of the most embarrassing episodes on IG Live when the singer’s butt implant seems to have deflated while twerking to Cardi B’s “Up”.

Michelle peeped what her followers saw on screen and attempted to hold her sunken butt in place, but there was an obvious issue with her implant.

K. Michelle’s Butt Implant Pops On Instagram Live

K. Michelle was a kind of advocate for cosmetic surgery awareness when she documented the removal of her butt implants last year and how she lives with the decision to change the natural contour of her body and deal with the pitfalls of cosmetic surgery.

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R&B singer K. Michelle seemed to have undergone some discomfort whilst twerking on Instagram Live. But when she tried to begin twerking, something seemed to fail with her buttocks.

Michelle’s Butt Implant

At the center of dance, the underside of K Michelle’s buttocks seemed to give out since it has seen falling to an odd level. K. Michelle appeared to notice exactly what audiences did as she started to go outwards and attempted holding up her buttocks together with her hands.

It is unsure if the singer underwent any actual harm. Before, K. Michelle was outspoken about the health problems she experienced because of her buttocks implants. She also recorded the elimination of her implants along with the struggles she has been reside with as a consequence of the process.

About K. Michelle

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