This transit of Venus will take place on Tuesday, May 4, 2021 at 01:09 pm. Venus will remain in Taurus until 11:44 pm on 28 May 2021.

Venus zodiac change

If the planet Venus is in a strong position in one’s horoscope, then its life is full of luxury and one gets all the worldly pleasures. Venus is going to change its zodiac sign in the first week of May.

Venus will enter its own zodiac Taurus from Aries. This transit of Venus will take place on Tuesday, May 4, 2021 at 01:09 pm. Venus will remain in Taurus until 11:44 pm on 28 May 2021. Know what will be the effect of this zodiac change on other zodiac signs.


Zodiac sign of Venus is considered auspicious for the people of Aries. During this time the economic side will be strong and money can benefit. Happiness will be found in family life. However, there is a need to be vigilant about health during this period.


This transit of Venus is also good for the people of Taurus. Any new work can be started at this time. Work with all the hard work and dedication, you will definitely get success.


Family differences may increase. Take control of your speech or else there may be sourness in the relationship. Expenditure of money is expected to be high. Avoid high expenses. Stay alert for your health


For Cancer people, changing of zodiac sign of Venus will be beneficial. Students will get the fruits of their hard work. Relations in the family will be sweet. Family members will get support. Wealth is the sum of profit. Time is favorable for expanding business. Marriage totals are being made for unmarried people.

Leo sun sign

This transit of Venus will prove to be very lucky for businessmen and working people. If you are planning to get a new house or vehicle then the time is favorable for you. Disputes related to land can be resolved.


There will be auspicious tasks in the family. There will be a trend towards religious work. Time is good for unmarried people, marriage can be a matter of someplace. Do not hold back in doing charity.

Libra zodiac

The prestige of Libra people will increase. But there will be an increase in economic expenses. Avoid any kind of dispute or else the court may have to visit the court. There is a need to be vigilant about health. Do not trust anyone blindly.

Scorpio zodiac

For Scorpio people, this one month with the transit of Venus will prove to be auspicious. Sweetness will come in married life. Business will progress. Relations with family members will be sweet. Students can get the fruits of hard work.


It is time for Sagittarius people to be a little conscious. The result will be mixed. There may be some problems related to health, so be cautious. Be cautious in financial transactions. Cut down on expenses or the economic crisis can deepen.


This transit will prove to be auspicious for Capricorn people. Love will increase between husband and wife. Will actively participate in religious works. There are chances of getting success in the field of education. Relationships with family members and friends will be better.


During this time of Aquarius, be alert about health. His stature will increase in the society. Students preparing for competitive exams can get good news. There are sum of government jobs. There will be happiness in the family.


Pisces people will get mixed results. If you do any work diligently, then you will get full credit for it. Your hard work will be appreciated. There will be sweetness in family life.

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